Multiple opponents of the Eagles have now thought that placing their team’s merchandise on the Rocky Statue was a good idea. Those teams are now 0-4 against the Eagles.

Eagles vs. Giants, 2015

The first time this incident was recorded was back in 2015 when the New York Giants came into town. 

This experimental Eagles team that received Super Bowl hype during the preseason never panned out, but what they did do is put up big numbers against the Giants that week. 

The Birds ended up winning with a dominant score of 27-7 with quarterback Sam Bradford passing for 280 yards and Demarco Murray recording his season high for rushing yards that season with 117.

This would also begin Philadelphia’s domination over New York as the Eagles are 14-3 against the Giants since this matchup. 

Rocky Statue 1-0

Eagles vs. Vikings, 2018 NFC Championship Game

Next up was the 2018 NFC Championship game against the red-hot Minnesota Vikings. It’s safe to say that the Vikings fans were very confident coming into this game. Many videos were taken of their “Philadelphia takeover” as they performed the ‘SKOL’ chant on the Rocky steps.

They also decided to give Rocky a Minnesota makeover, which consisted of a yellow scarf and purple skirt with Stefon Diggs’ number 14 imprinted on it. 

The Vikings started the championship game off hot with a quick touchdown drive. And that is about all of their highlights for that game as Nick Foles and the Eagles blew them out with a score of 38-7. 

The Philadelphia crowd responded to the miserable Vikings fans with a ‘SKOL’ chant of their own during the game as the Eagles advanced to the Super Bowl. 

Rocky Statue 2-0

Eagles vs. Patriots, Super Bowl LII

When the Eagles advanced to Super Bowl LII against the Tom Brady led New England Patriots, their fans made the same mistake as the Vikings fans did a week prior.

Rocky’s story encompasses the whole city of Philadelphia by being the ultimate underdog. And that same story was the embodiment of the 2018 Eagles team. The team lost its MVP quarterback, star left tackle and many other key contributors. But somehow found themselves in the biggest game facing off against a dynasty. 

The Patriots fans being the Patriots fans, thought that this would be another easy Super Bowl ring for their franchise. So they strapped up Rocky with Tom Brady’s jersey during Super Bowl week. 

The Eagles responded to that with the franchises first Super Bowl victory winning the game 41-33 and completing their underdog story. 

Rocky Statue 3-0 (With one Super Bowl Ring)

Eagles vs. 49ers, 2023 NFC Championship Game

And this takes us to the present day where the rolling San Francisco 49ers team came to Philly for the NFC Championship game. 

Maybe the fans forgot about the Rocky curse since it’s been five years since the last incident. But nonetheless, the 49ers fans attempted a similar “Philadelphia takeover” as the Vikings did before. And yes, they disrespected Rocky.

And just like five years ago, the Eagles dominated in their conference championship game. Winning with a score of 31-7 while knocking out the Niners available quarterbacks. 

Rocky Statue 4-0

The History of the Eagles and the Rocky Statue is a victorious one filled with domination. The Eagles outscored these opponents 137 to 54 in those games.

And with that being said the Eagles are off to Super Bowl LVII taking on the Kansas City Chiefs. And there was a Chiefs shirt sighting on the statue, but is speculated to be from a Philly fan for good luck. 

Go Birds!


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