The Philadelphia Eagles made a great move and re-signed the best offensive line coach of all time.
Jeff Stoutland is an all-time Eagles coach and should be considered a legend in Philly. It’s impressive what hes been able to do for the Eagles O-line since he started coaching them in 2013.

Since Stoutland has taken over the responsibility for the offensive line, the Eagles have had one of the best groups in the NFL.

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While there is no word on the specific details of the extension, it is known that The Birds locked him up beyond his current contract. Stoutland isn’t just the offensive line coach; he is also the Eagles Run Game Coordinator. Since he took that responsibility in 2018, the Eagles have had the best running offense in the NFL, now making it to the Super Bowl this year. With so much at stake, not to mention the no-deposit bonus codes, Stoutland has kept his group calm and collected.

Jeff Stoutland reportedly had offers from other teams to become their offensive coordinator, but he wants to stay in Philly, which is why he signed the extension.

It is also super impressive what he has been able to do with linemen that are all shapes and sizes. Jordan Mailata never even played football before, and Jeff Stoutland is responsible for his development and turning him into one of the best Left Tackles in football. All his players, like Lane Johnson and Jason Kelce, are always hyping him up, saying he is responsible for their success.

The Eagles locking up Stoutland is a huge development for this team, and it is exciting knowing our O-Line will be really good for a while to come.

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