It has been 11 days since the Philadelphia Eagles dominated the San Francisco 49ers 31-7 in the NFC Championship Game.

While it is unfortunate to watch a team lose not only their 3rd string Quarterback, but also their 4th and final dressed QB in a playoff game with a trip to Super Bowl 57 on the line. But even the Eagles had this problem, and things didn’t go the same way.


Familiar Situation

The Eagles have been in this situation before, and the sympathy didn’t go both ways for the 2019 Philadelphia Eagles team when Carson Wentz was taken out during the 2019 Wildcard Game, from what probably should have been an unnecessary roughness penalty, but wasn’t.

Not only did the Eagles lose Carson Wentz during the 1st quarter of that game. Backup QB Josh McCown finished the game with a torn hamstring he suffered during the 2nd quarter. Josh McCown finished that game with a stat line of 18/24  for 174 passing yards, 23 rushing yards, while getting sacked 6 times in Philly’s season ending game.

Philly didn’t throw the same pity parade the 49ers are throwing right now.

And with the Super Bowl in 3 days, a new 49er appears daily with an excuse or sob story about how San Francisco had their Super Bowl appearance ‘Stolen’ from them.


Did the 49ers forget how the Eagles won Super Bowl 52? With a backup Quarterback. The injury pileups aren’t something the Eagles or any other team has ever had to experience.

All Aboard The Excuse Train, Next Stop – Denial

  • Christian McCaffrey was on Up & Adams on Wednesday, where he used exactly the term ‘Stolen’ regarding the 49ers loss. You can view his answer and reasoning about not wanting to pile up excuses below. He also brought up the 3rd QB rule, but we’ll talk more about that later.

  • Brandon Aiyuk appeared on TheSFNiners and provided the Eagles with a lot of bulletin board material.

Exhibit A)

Exhibit B)


Sure, there’s evidence that Brandon Aiyuk was open here. The unfortunate part about the clip besides Brock Purdy’s injury. Is that the 49ers had their 4th string Tight End Tyler Croft blocking Defensive Player of the Year nominee, Haason Reddick.

I’m not exactly sure WHY the 49ers had a TE blocking Haason Reddick. I really have absolutely no idea why this was their game plan to not lose more Quarterbacks. Lane Johnson has been playing through a torn abductor in his groin and held Defensive Player of the Year Nick Bosa held to 4 Tackles, and 2 for loss including the almost Safety on Jalen Hurts. But that doesn’t compare to watching both of your dressed QB’s being injured just after halftime.


  • To nobodies surprise, Kyle Shanahan AND John Lynch are both in favor of bringing back the 3rd QB Rule.


It would be good for football, John. You know what else would be good? If you could keep any of the 4 Quarterbacks you had on the roster healthy for 22 football games.

Nothing would have stopped the 49ers from playing 3 QB’s, perhaps another Quarterback in place of Tyler Croft would’ve fared better for the 49ers.


Regardless of what outcome the Coaches, Players and Fans of the San Francisco 49ers wanted from the NFC Championship Game. The result is what the result is. a 24 point blowout that sent the #1 Seed in the NFC on a trip to Arizona to face off against the #1 Seed from the AFC. The NFL scriptwriters couldn’t have it any other way.


Go Birds!


Photo Credit : Tim Nwachukwu / Getty Images



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