We are one day away from Superbowl 57! The Birds have had an amazing season that can be highlighted by every person on the team. The groups that deserve the most praise though, are the offensive and defensive lines. What they have been able to do this year is legendary. The Chiefs don’t have bad lines themselves, so it will be a fun challenge for the Eagles.

The Eagles defensive line has been extremely dominant all year. Although Cowboy fans don’t want to admit it, the Eagles D-line is easily the best in the league. They had four players go over 10 sacks for the first time in history. The Eagles had 15 more sacks (70) than the next closest team, which happens to be the Chiefs (55). They were only two sacks short of the all-time NFL record. Haason Reddick should have been DPLOY, but instead he wasn’t even nominated. He is going to be a huge factor in this game. Reddick will be going up against Andrew Wylie, the Chiefs Right Tackle, who has not been impressive this season. He has allowed nine sacks, and the Chiefs only allowed 26 sacks this season. So, Haason Reddick should be able to beat this guy routinely. Patrick Mahomes is a freak when he has the ball, and tends to get it out quickly or throw it away instead of taking sacks. The Eagles D-line will need to get to him quickly if they are planning on sacking him. The Eagles run defense is also led by the D-line. They added some major power a couple months ago, signing Linval Joseph, and Ndamukong Suh. Those guys plus Jordan Davis make it impossible for teams to run up the middle on obvious run downs. The Eagles defensive line is in position to really control the game.

The Eagles offensive line has been just as dominant as the D-line. The have faced some amazing talent over the year, and they shut it down every time. Nick Bosa, Micah parsons, JJ Watt, and many more were all useless against us. Lane Johnson continues to be an absolute monster, even while dealing with a torn abductor. Jason Kelce is having one of his best seasons, and it seems like every game there is a new highlight of him throwing a defender 20 yards with one hand. Frank Clark and Chris Jones are two amazing players that plug the middle of the Chiefs D-line, and they will be the biggest challenge for our offense on Sunday. The Birds will most likely try to run right at them, since they prove time and time again that they are not scared of teams with good run defenses.

The Eagles are fortunate that they have the offensive and defensive lines they have. They are built for this game. They have shut down top talent all year, and if they can do it one more time, The Birds will have a great shot at becoming Superbowl 57 Champs! GO BIRDS!!!!!!!

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