The Philadelphia Eagles lost an entertaining but frustrating Super Bowl to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. It will be a tough one to move on from, but the Eagles front office needs to shift their focus towards this pivotal offseason coming up. It is not off to an ideal start, as within 48 hours of the Super Bowl ending, offensive coordinator Shane Steichen and defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon accepted head coaching positions with the Indianapolis Colts and Arizona Cardinals, respectively.Steichen has been instrumental in developing young quarterbacks in recent years. In 2020 with the Chargers, he was promoted to offensive coordinator and helped then-rookie Justin Herbert immediately explode onto the NFL scene. Steichen then joined the Eagles, where he helped take a talented but still unfinished product in Jalen Hurts and turn him into an MVP candidate at just 24 years old. Thus, this hire makes a lot of sense for the Colts, who finally appear ready to give up on the constant veteran band-aids at quarterback and instead draft a rookie to develop. With Indy holding the fourth pick in the draft and showing a willingness to trade up, Steichen may get a chance to work with a talented prospect such as Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, or even Will Levis. I think he will be successful there.Gannon was an extremely scrutinized figure during his time in Philadelphia. Regarding the Eagles defense this past season, the results were objectively good on paper but often unsatisfying to watch in real time, as Gannon had a tendency to become overly-concerned with getting beat down the field for a big play, and consequently allowed opposing offenses to methodically drive down the field in agonizing fashion. This past Super Bowl was of course the most recent example of such. I still believe Gannon was good at his job and was over-criticized at times, but he probably will not be remembered fondly in Philadelphia after the note he left on. I will be fascinated to see how he does in Arizona, as the Cardinals are likely facing a really tough rebuild in the coming years, and Kyler Murray has shown signs of being a bit of a headcase. Gannon does not seem like the type of guy who will be able to easily vibe with someone like Murray. I am a bit skeptical that this stint is going to go well, but I would love to be wrong.The Eagles may be able to promote from within to replace both coordinators. They almost definitely will promote quarterbacks coach Brian Johnson to OC, as he is close with Hurts and the offense will not have to change much from what it has been. Replacing Gannon will be a bit more challenging. The team loves defensive backs coach Dennard Wilson, who may be the favorite for that position right now, but I feel like the city will be itching for a bigger name who can bring in something fresh on that side of the ball.




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