The Philadelphia Union has finally released the secondary kit for the 2023 season—a look into the finer details and how it ranks against its predecessor.

With the MLS season just over a week away, the Union has finally revealed their new secondary kit. Subject to mixed reviews, it has a tough ask to live up to the fan-favorite BY | U kits.

The lightning Blue and Gold BY | U kits were one of the best kits in MLS history. It would have been nearly impossible to live up to that standard.

A Look into the Details

Named the “For Philly” kit, it draws inspiration from the scenes at Subaru Park for Union home games. Most notably, the Union’s first-ever playoff win against the New York Red Bulls.

Many people have given their opinion on what the pattern on the kit actually is. Camouflage, smoke, or clouds. The look is a camouflage pattern. However, the colors are to resemble the blue and gold smoke that erupts from the River End on matchdays.

There are 2 brand new details solely for this kit. Most notably, the Union Snake icon replaced the classic crest. This change has had a few gripes. The crest of a club is sacred and some do believe it should not be removed from a jersey. However, the snake is a nice touch and a new feel.

As was announced a few weeks back, the usual “BIMBO” slogan is not on this kit. The ‘THOMAS'” logo replaces it. Company logos on jerseys have always been a hot debate. Some don’t care and some don’t really want to be a “walking billboard.” Nonetheless, just like with the snake, it is a change from the same old.

One last interesting tidbit, every jersey is unique to an extent. Paying close attention to multiple photos of the release, the camo smoke pattern was slightly different from each one. A pretty cool little detail as it makes each one unique.

It Could Be Better

The entire kit as a whole could be a bit better. Not with the main jersey but with the choice of colors that will be worn with it. The light and matching blue shorts compliment the jersey well. However, at the moment, the club is going with blue socks as well. It is way too much blue and the whole fit would look better if the socks were the matching shade of gold.

Overall, the jersey is good. It checks the most important boxes. For years every MLS kit was generic and followed a set stencil. Finally, clubs are allowed to express themselves and their history in creative ways. The new Union secondary kit is unique and is a top jersey in the MLS.


Featured Image: Philadelphia Union

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