We’re still 2 months away until the NFL announces when these games will be, but we know who the Eagles opponents will be in their next season.


New York Giants

Washington Commanders

Dallas Cowboys

San Francisco 49ers

Minnesota Vikings

Arizona Cardinals

Miami Dolphins

Buffalo Bills


New York Giants

Washington Commanders

Dallas Cowboys

Seattle Seahawks

Los Angeles Rams

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Kansas City Chiefs

New York Jets

New England Patriots


The Eagles came into the 2022 season with one of the Easiest schedules. Ranked 30th amongst the lead, with the Cowboys and Commanders tied at 32nd and the Giants at 29th. Easy schedule jokes aside, the Eagles impressed the League going 14-3 and finding themselves in the Super Bowl.

With winning the division means a tougher schedule is around the corner. Instead of the 2nd place Cardinals, Saints, Steelers and Vikings. They’ll play the Division Champion Buccaneers, Chiefs, 49ers and… Vikings.

Entering the 2023 season, the Eagles will have the strongest Strength of Schedule. They’ll face an opponent record of 161-123-4. With the division closely behind, the Giants 157-129-2 (T-3rd), Cowboys 156-128-4 (T-3rd) and Commanders 153-133-2 (8th) round out the top 10. Mostly in part of the NFC East finally having a successful season. One that saw 3 NFC East teams appearing in the playoffs and finished the season with a combined record of 43-23-2.


AFC Opponents

Another huge factor in the Eagles upcoming difficult schedule, will be their opponents in the AFC.

A rematch of Super Bowl 57 will take place at Arrowhead. . Expect the rematch to be primetime and most likely an early season showdown. The 14-3 Chiefs are just the start of the AFC gauntlet the Eagles will face.


AFC East

The Eagles will play their AFC counterpart, the AFC East. Another division that had tons of success, and saw 2 teams vying for the final wildcard spot in Week 18. A division that finished the season a combined 37-30, that still featured quarterback drama and injuries.

Upcoming Quarterbacks

With a new season means trades, free agency signings, and rookie Quarterbacks. The Eagles aren’t losing many players on the offence. With the defence looking like the biggest change to the 2023 roster, the Quarterbacks the Eagles will face could make or break the season.

Giants: Extended Daniel Jones to a 4-year $160M. Process that however you’d like.

Commanders: Have already released Carson Wentz, and expect a QB competition during Training Camp and Pre-season. (Perhaps the Commanders are in on a Lamar trade)

Cowboys: What version of Dak Prescott do we get in 2023? Always exciting times in Jerry World.

49ers: Most likely Trey Lance, but Kyle Shanahan refuses to keep a healthy QB.

Vikings: Kirk Cousins will return. Hopefully the Eagles get to play the Vikings in primetime again, where Kirk Cousins is now 11-18, including 2-10 on MNF.

Cardinals: The return of Kyler Murray will prove interesting now that Jonathan Gannon is the head coach.

Dolphins: It’s a big question mark with Tua Tagovailoa’s health. But Waddle and Tyreek is still a terrifying duo.

Bills: Josh Allen will continue to see himself in the MVP conversation. Regardless of how he performs throughout the season.

Seahawks: Signed Geno Smith to a 3-year $105M deal. Can Geno put up another 4000+ yard season?

Rams: Matthew Stafford can be a troublesome opponent, especially if the Rams have a healthy Cooper Kupp to boot.

Buccaneers: Kyle Trask is getting a starting job in the wake of Tom Brady’s retirement. Perhaps the Buccaneers are in for a soft rebuild.

Chiefs: Jalen Hurts and the Eagles have yet to beat Patrick Mahomes. Will they be able to pull it off in the Super Bowl rematch?

Jets: If the Jets actually make a move on Aaron Rodgers you pray that his 2022 season isn’t an outlier.

Patriots: Mac Jones struggled throughout the season. How much was Matt Patricia, how much was Jones?



With a slate of Free Agents potentially moving on to new teams, and a difficult schedule ahead. What’s your early prediction for the 2023 Eagles?


48 Days until Draft day.

Go Birds.


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