The Sixers have lost 12 games since December 1st, which means that they have an astounding 33-12 record over the past 3 and a half months. This is no longer some fluke hot streak, this team is the real deal and it’s time to believe in them. 

To a lot of people in the city, the Sixers need to prove that they can advance past the second round of the playoffs for them to invest themselves yet again. Yes, while the Sixers have struggled in the playoffs over the better part of five years and yes, Doc Rivers and James Harden certainly do not have stellar postseason history, it’s time to believe. 

First of all, the Sixers have had the best player on the planet over the last three months in Joel Embiid. Since December 1st, Embiid is averaging over 34 points per game and over 10 rebounds per game. Over the last month specifically, the Sixers superstar has put himself right back in the MVP conversation, a conversation we will save for another day. 

The pair of Embiid and Harden have been unguardable and a huge key in the Sixers’ success thus far. Harden leads the league in assists thus far with almost 11 per game and has made Embiid the primary beneficiary. While Harden has been lethal passing the ball, he has also managed to average almost 22 points a game. The former MVP has been everything the Sixers could have hoped for when they traded for him at last year’s trade deadline.

The stats speak for themselves, this Sixers team is clicking on all cylinders and playing perhaps their best basketball in the toughest part of their schedule at the tail end of a long NBA regular season. If the Sixers can maintain this style of basketball and continue having fun, who knows how far they can go. 

Give them a chance, it’s time to buy in.

Photo via Matt Slocum – AP Photo

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