The fifty-seventh Super Bowl ended not long ago, leaving football fans enthralled with exciting memories. But the hype for the next Super Bowl, which is still a year away, can already be noticed.
This is evident as bookmakers wasted no time coming up with odds for the game that is due on February 11th, 2024. 

Considering that the Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events of the year and that the last one was such a blast, it’s no surprise that sports fans and punters around the world are so eager for the next one. 

It’s easy enough to get NFL odds at betJACK, along with regular sports news updates, podcasts, match previews, predictions, and much more.

As every seasoned punter knows, odds don’t tell the whole story in sports like football.

How to Bet on Super Bowl Matches

According to surveys, in 2023, 153.18 million US dollars were wagered on the Super Bowl in sportsbooks in Nevada alone. That means a lot of fans prefer to elevate the game experience by putting the money where their mouth is. If you’re already one of them or thinking of joining in, here are the simplest, most basic steps you should keep in mind:

  • Select the betting operator: The first step of any good bet is to find a reputable sports betting website. Since there are many options to choose from, you can head to a comparison site and compare between different sportsbooks’ reliability, ease of use, speed of transactions, and the odds offered. 
  • Check out the odds: Once you have selected a site, you’ll need to check out the odds offered for different outcomes. These can include the winning team, the total number of points scored, the point spread, etc. 
  • Compare the odds: This is an important step that helps to find the best value. This will allow you to find the bookmaker that offers the most favorable odds for the outcomes you are interested in. Keep in mind that Super Bowl odds can change depending on various factors such as injuries, change of forms of different teams, weather conditions, etc. Stay updated with the sport to not get taken by surprise.
  • Set your limits and go: Once you have found the best odds and considered all relevant factors, you can place your bets. Remember to always set a budget and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Betting Comparison Sites: the Key to Choose the Best Betting Options

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Now that you know the step-by-step process of making a good betting choice, let’s look at one of the key things that help punters make the most of their wagers, which is taking help from a betting comparison site. 

These sites present you the compiled information of most bookmakers on the market, so you can see who’s offering the highest odds for the betting segment you’re interested in, who’s the most reliable, who’ll pay out faster, who updates the odds more frequently, and much more.

How to Read Super Bowl Odds

For stating Super Bowl odds, most bookmakers use the American odds. In this system, the odds for a head-to-head match (like the Super Bowl) come in positive and negative numbers. A positive number indicates a team is an underdog, and a negative number indicates the favorite. The positive number indicates your winning amount for every $100 you successfully wager. The negative number indicates the amount you need to wager in order to win $100. 

In case a bookie is stating the odds in decimal or fractional, there is no need to worry. A decimal odd represents the total payout (winnings + the wagered amount) when multiplied by the wager, a fractional odd represents the winning when multiplied by the wager. 

2024 Super Bowl Championship Odds

So, how are different teams faring in terms of their odds for the next Super Bowl? Currently, current champions Kansas City Chiefs, are the favorites to win the game with odds of +600 which isn’t very commonly seen.

The Buffalo Bills are close behind, along with Cincinnati Bengals, Philadelphia Eagles, and San Francisco 49ers, sharing +800 odds.

Here’s the complete list of the latest odds offered by betJACK.

  • KC Chiefs: +600
  • BUF Bills: +800
  • CIN Bengals: +800
  • PHI Eagles: +800
  • SF 49ers: +800
  • NY Jets: +1600
  • DAL Cowboys: +1700
  • DET Lions: +2200
  • LA Chargers: +2200
  • JAX Jaguars: +2500
  • MIA Dolphins: +2500
  • BAL Ravens: +2800
  • NO Saints: +2800
  • CLE Browns: +3500
  • DEN Broncos: +3500
  • GB Packers: +3500
  • LA Rams: +4000
  • MIN Vikings: +4000
  • NY Giants: +4500
  • CHI Bears: +5000
  • LV Raiders: +5000
  • CAR Panthers: +6000
  • PIT Steelers: +6000
  • SEA Seahawks: +6000
  • NE Patriots: +7000
  • WAS Commanders: +7000
  • ATL Falcons: +7500
  • TB Buccaneers: +8000
  • TEN Titans: +10000
  • IND Colts: +12500
  • ARI Cardinals: +17500
  • HOU Texans: +17500

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