With Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie confirming the report that the Kelly green jerseys will return in the 2023 season we will take a look at the different variations of the throwback uniform and which version is most likely to be used this season.

3. 1970-1973 Kelly Green

With the leagues new rule to allow teams to wear alternate helmets the Eagles could bring back the white helmet with green wings. This is the only era in Eagles history where the helmet was a color other than green (If you don’t count the Yellow Jackets days).

Eagles Kelly green

If the team were to go this direction with the 2023 alternate uniforms it would definitely be unexpected as the fans are hoping for a full Kelly green uniform including the helmet.

This uniform scheme was extremely short lived with it only lasting for three years of the teams history. If this scheme doesn’t make an appearance this season it might never be coming back. But whose to say, if Philadelphia can bring back any helmet/jersey they want maybe this could be a choice for the future.

2. 1954-1963/2010 Kelly Green

This style of the uniform was the first Kelly green uniform to be incorporated with the Eagle wings on players helmets. This style was first worn in the 1954 season and didn’t see a major alteration until the 1964 season when the team added stripes to the sleeves.

Kelly Green jersey
Image courtesy of section215.com

This iteration of the uniform was also brought back in the 2010 season. This was the last time the Eagles ever wore the adored Kelly Green uniforms. But ever since the league announced the rule change fans have been hoping for a more modern twist on the uniform instead of the jersey made for the 2010 season.

Because of this reason alone I wouldn’t expect the Eagles and Nike to go with the oldest style of the uniform, but they brought it back not so long ago so never say never.

1. 1985-1995 Kelly Green

When most fans think of the Philadelphia Eagles iconic Kelly green uniform they think of the 1985-1995 iteration of the uniform. This uniform is still worn by thousands of fans at Lincoln Financial Field and have been recently photo shopped onto many of the current players.


This uniform consist of the famous Kelly green color with the retro Eagles logo on the shoulders. The helmet is also the best of the Kelly green era with the inner shade of the wing being gray with a white outline.

This style of the Kelly green jersey is the perfect candidate to be renewed for the modern era. I can almost 100% guarantee that Jalen Hurts’ uniform with this style would be the hottest selling jersey of the season.

This is a possible look at what the helmet could look like for the upcoming season.

Go Birds!

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  1. Jskills

    April 16, 2023 at 5:22 PM

    I’d like to see the 1980 with the rings on the sleeves.

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