The NFL draft is quickly approaching, and the Eagles are in a great position to make the team a lot better. They currently have six picks in the draft, two in the first round, one second, one third, and two picks in the seventh round. Howie Roseman is a trade machine when it comes to the draft, so it won’t be surprising if the Eagles trade out of number 10 to get some more middle round picks. Let’s take a look at three teams that make sense to trade down with.

firstly is the Buccaneers. The Bucs aren’t in the best shape after Brady’s retirement. They are missing good players in a lot of key positions. Their QB room is pretty bad, as it only consists of Baker Mayfield, and Kyle Trask. These guys are obviously not going to be the saviors after Tom Brady’s retirement, so if a QB like Will Levis, or Anthony Richardson make it to 10, it would be a no-brainier move for them to trade up.

Next, the Vikings. They are in a similar position, but they have a way better roster. They are going to need a QB soon, and if they feel like they found one they love in this draft, it wouldn’t be surprising for them to trade up to 10. Kirk Cousins is probably the second or third best QB in the NFC, but he is aging and the vikings are strapped for cap space. They most likely won’t want to keep spending so much on him. The Vikings would benefit greatly from getting a young QB to put a lot of talent around while he is on a rookie deal (similar to what the Eagles did with Hurts).

Lastly, the Ravens. With this whole Lamar situation, the Ravens might need a QB this upcoming season. I personally would not be surprised if Lamar returned to the Ravens, but right now it does not seem likely. Anthony Richardson is similar to Lamar, as he is extremely athletic, can run around, and has a decent enough arm that teams believe they can develop even further. If Lamar leaves the Ravens, it would not be surprising to see them trade up to 10.

There are plenty of opportunities for Howie to trade down and acquire more draft picks. The teams above make a lot of sense, and it is very likely the Eagles move down in this years draft.

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