The Draft is less than three weeks away, and the excitement among Eagles fans is rising. When it comes to the draft, the Eagles front office loves to move around, or make picks that we didn’t see coming. Let’s take a look at a few draft scenarios that could take place.

Option one, and in my opinion the most likely scenario, is the Eagles trade back from 10 to acquire more middle round picks in this years draft, and maybe a first next year. Howie loves to move around, and there is plenty of talent across the first round that he should feel comfortable trading back and still getting. Players like Nolan Smith, Lukas Van Ness, Brian Branch, and Bijan Robinson are all options that could be available if the Birds find a team in the late teens/ early twenties to trade back with. A team like the Vikings, and Bucs would make sense if Will Levis or Anthony Richardson fall to 10.

The other option is the Birds stick at 10. If a player like Jalen Carter falls, it would not be surprising to see the Eagles stay at 10 and take him. I doubt Carter will fall that far, but if he does, he is going to be an Eagle. The Birds love drafting in the trenches, and Jalen Carter was probably going to be the first non-QB taken in this draft before all the off the field concerns came about. Philly is a great organization that could help Carter through some of his problems. Other players that the Birds might stay at 10 to pick include, Myles Murphy, Tyree Wilson, Peter Skoronski, and maybe the two top corners.

Though it is very unlikely, it is worth mentioning that the Eagles could package one of their two first rounders this year in a trade if a superstar comes available that they think would greatly impact the team (similar to the AJ Brown Trade last year). This is super unlikely, but it is worth mentioning since the Birds love trading so much.

The Draft is rapidly approaching, and it will be a very interesting time. Waiting to see what the Birds will do is very exciting.

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