The NFL draft is just 12 days away, and The Birds will be able to add two key players to their team on day one. They have a clear philosophy, and that is taking linemen in early rounds. This strategy has worked out well for them over the years, but this year should they stick to it?

The Eagles will be in a prime position to add a Week One starter to their team with the 10th overall pick. Everyone wonders if they’ll stick to their usual methods and take an edge rusher or offensive tackle, but this year might be different. Many fans have hated the thought of adding linemen, specifically Lukas Van Ness or Peter Skoronski. I am on the side of fans that agree with this take. The Birds have plenty of other positions that they need to get better at. Both of their starting corners will be over the age of 30 this year, and two top-notch corners will likely be available at 10. Avonte Maddox is often injured, making it a bigger reason they should consider corner at 10. Devon Witherspoon and Christian Gonzalez would be great additions to the defense and learning behind Bradberry. Slay will help them develop as a rotational player to start their career.

Trading back from 10 to get more picks is a likely option, and if they do that, they should consider Bijan Robinson. The Eagles have the best offensive line coach in the league, consistently turning late-round picks into stars. They should not feel like they must find Lane Johnson or Jason Kelce’s replacements in the first round, especially since they will have to sit behind them for at least a year.

If certain defensive linemen like Jalen Carter, Tyree Wilson, Will Anderson, or Myles Murphy fall to 10, they can justify taking a lineman with that pick, but otherwise, they should trade back or mix it up this year.

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