Here is a hot take, the Sixers are going to beat the Brooklyn Nets in the first round of the NBA playoffs this year.

Yes, the Sixers have the soon-to-be NBA MVP in Joel Embiid, James Harden, and Tyrese Maxey, but they are not the reason they will beat the Nets handily in this series.

The Nets’ head coach Jacque Vaughn took to the media after the Nets’ game 1 loss to the Sixers to complain about the referee’s lack of whistles in the game on the Sixers’ big man. Here is the clip.

Say what you want about Doc Rivers, but he would never do what the Nets’ first-year head coach did on Saturday afternoon.

The Sixers will beat the Nets because the Sixers have a far better culture.

Let’s face it, the Nets have a very tall task to beat a far superior Sixers team in the first place, but to blame the refs for your team’s lack of ability isn’t going to help that cause. Even though the team is in shambles, thanks to Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, the Nets actually played the Sixers pretty well for the majority of the game. That is not what Vaughn chose to focus on, though; instead, he went to the media to rip the referees.

It has become very apparent over the last couple of years that the NBA and its officials are far from perfect, and it is unfair to expect them to be. If the rest of the Nets team has adopted the same “woe is me” attitude that Vaughn came out after the game with on Saturday, this series should be over very quickly.

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