The exciting thing about baseball is it is always unpredictable.
The team everyone expected to end dead last could be the team to win the pennant.

It’s a sport that keeps watchers on their toes and keeps players themselves guessing who is going to win or who is going to go on a historic hitting streak.

With the 2023 season commencing, now is the time to think about what each team/player brings and what may occur throughout the year.

Below we will discuss three bold predictions that could upset the baseball betting sites.

Three Bold Predictions

1) Aaron Judge Will Come Back to Earth

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Aaron Judge last year had a historic season that many people would like to see again. Hitting 62 home runs, 131 runs batted in, and a .311 batting average, this will be a hard season to surpass, let alone replicate. Most likely, what will happen is Aaron Judge is still going to be one of the top players in the league, but his numbers will be mortal. Somewhere in the range of 30-45 home runs, above 100 runs batted in, and a .300 batting average.

These would be incredible numbers for anyone, but for Aaron Judge, who has proven what he is capable of, these are regular numbers. It’s hard for players to stay hot, year to year, he will still be in the MVP race, but he will not be breaking records this year.

2) The Baltimore Orioles Will Make the Playoffs

The Baltimore Orioles have been going through a rebuild over the last few years, and it seems to be bearing fruit. Last season, they had their first winning season since 2016; although they did not make the playoffs this year, they will build off that momentum and continue to head in the right direction with their team.

By the league standards, they have a young team, meaning they have a lot of talent ready to explode, and this will be the year they witness their potential and break the curse that has plagued their organization for the past seven years.

3) The San Diego Padres Will Win the Pennant

The Padres have arguably one of the most stacked teams in baseball. Yet they have not reached their full potential. The final bold prediction for the baseball season is they will finally win it all. A team with this many superstars needs time to get their act together; they need to learn how to play together.

Last year was working through the kink years, seeing who fits where and fits doing what task. This year is the year everything comes together, and they take the talent their GM has assembled through the last couple of years and take the team to win baseball’s ultimate glory, the pennant. 

The fact that anything can happen during a baseball season is why people watch the game.

It always comes to one out, one home run, etc. That means any season you watch is going to be fun and exciting.

Even if the prediction above does not come to pass, rest assured something no one expected to happen at the beginning of the season will come to pass.
That is just the very nature of baseball. 

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