If you’ve been desperately waiting for the Eagles’ schedule to be announced.

Well, today’s the day.

If you follow @NerdingOnNFL, then you’ve been catching glimpses and rumors of the league schedule for the last few weeks. But this week has had the answers we’ve all been looking for.

Six hours before the League’s grand event to reveal the schedule, we received this supposed ‘leak’ of the schedule.

As more and more games get confirmed, this leak looks to be correct.

While we still wait for legitimate confirmation, let’s take a look into the schedule if these are the correct games.

Season Opener

For the 4th time in a row, the Eagles will open the season on the road. Traveling to Foxborough to play the Patriots will be a great statement to start the season. The unfortunate part is Robert Kraft announced that the Patriots will be honoring one Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr during their season opener.

The very Quarterback who has Beaten and Lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl. An exciting, high-stakes game for the Eagles to start the year.

Home Opener

The Eagles will once again host a Home Opener against the Minnesota Vikings in primetime (according to the leaks). This game should benefit the Eagles, as Kirk Cousins boasts an impressive 11-18 record during Primetime games.

With a team rumored to trade RB Dalvin Cook, perhaps the Vikings won’t be attempting to compete in the NFC North this season.

Playoff Rematches

Most NFC Playoff teams from 2022 are featured on the Eagles’ schedule, including the 49ers and Giants.

With the Giants’ 2 games appearing at the end of the year, expect some must-win games against a division opponent who could be on the brink of clinching or eliminated during the Week 16 and 18 matchups.

The Giants’ new management has gone on to make some good moves in the off-season and during the draft. But Daniel Jones has not sparked me as the Quarterback of their future. And here he is, getting $42M a year. 

The 49ers game has been circled on the calendar since the Eagles stamped their ticket to the Super Bowl. Fans, Coaches, and Players of the 49ers have loathed the Eagles all off-season. After an unfortunate loss of Brock Purdy and Josh Johnson in the NFC Championship Game, the San Francisco 49ers tried to change the Emergency QB Rule. They are allowing teams to dress a 3rd Quarterback that doesn’t count toward the game-day roster.

Kyle Shanahan went on to talk about the Week 13 matchup, expecting a ‘healthier’ matchup.

A difficult mission for a team that has successfully injured their starting quarterback time and time again. The 49ers lost Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance before Brock Purdy was starting with Sam Darnold, Trey Lance, and maybe Brock Purdy for 2023. Their odds seem the same to require a 3rd QB.

It was Kyle Shanahan’s own choice not to dress 3 Quarterbacks in the NFC Championship Game. Instead, Tyler Croft was dressed and responsible for blocking DPOY runner-up Haason Reddick. 

Finally, the Eagles will visit the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs in week 11. With something to prove in the mid-season rematch, this could look to be another AFC showdown with a potential Super Bowl candidate.

Toughest Stretch

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The Eagles will have the hardest Strength of Schedule coming into the season with a .566%. No longer will opposing fans be able to excuse a week’s schedule for Philadelphia. 

The toughest stretch of the season comes amidst their BYE week, where the Eagles will play the following six-week stretch.

  • Week 9 vs. Dallas
  • Week 10 BYE
  • Week 11 @ Kansas City
  • Week 12 vs. Buffalo
  • Week 13 vs. San Francisco
  • Week 14 @ Dallas
  • Week 15 @ Seattle

Multiple division games against 5 teams that will most likely be in playoff positions by Week 15. The Eagles will have their test this year, compared to the difficult stretch last season that consisted of the Colts, Packers, and Titans.

With the Eagles’ schedule slowly getting confirmed, what games are you looking forward to?

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