The 2023 schedules just came out, and the Birds have the toughest out of every team. It is no surprise since they had the best record in the NFL and played in the Super Bowl last year.

Last year, everyone said that the Eagles have the easiest schedule and wouldn’t be as good with a tough schedule. It will be fun to watch them prove everyone wrong this year.

The first five games for the Birds are very winnable. They start with New England on the road. Then they have the Vikings at home; then it is the Buccaneers (AWAY), Commanders (HOME), and Rams (AWAY). A 5-0 start for the Eagles wouldn’t be shocking at all with these first five opponents; after that is where the Eagles need to be playing their best ball.

The next three games need to be played at a high level because the Eagles need to go into week nine with some serious momentum. They will play the Cowboys in week nine and then have their bye week. In week 11, they play the Chiefs, then the Bills, 49ers, and Cowboys again. This is a stretch of some adamant opponents.

Hopefully, at this time in the season, the Eagles will be healthy and playing the same, if not better, than they were last year.

After that stretch of really tough games, the Eagles will face the Seahawks, Giants, Cardinals, and Giants again in that order. The Birds have to make two trips across the country this season for the Rams and Seahawks games. They only have one Thursday night game this year, which is week two against the Vikings. This schedule is tough, but it is perfect for the Birds to prove that last year’s success wasn’t because of an easy schedule.

The Eagles’ opponents this year had a combined .566 winning percentage last year. The next toughest schedule is the Dolphins, with their opponents having a .554 winning percentage last year. The other NFC East opponents’ schedules rank like this: Giants and Cowboys tied, 3rd toughest (.549%)—Commanders, 6th most formidable (.535%).

It will be fun to watch the Eagles prove everyone wrong as they have another amazing season against even tougher opponents.

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