Are you looking for something new to do in the off-season?
Foreign friends or family?

A British partner to impress? In any case, we’ve got the tips you need for betting on a market that is much more different from our national one than you would think.

What’s the Difference?

Whilst it may seem like betting is quite generic, with specific types of bets only varying from sport to sport, there are major differences between countries, not to mention continents. In the past decade, iGaming has grown immensely in Europe, while it is having difficulty spreading across the US, partially due to the lack of regulations present. Apart from the distinct gap between the continents in this regard, there are also variations within the systems and the betting strategies used. We have compiled some of the main points for you in this article.


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The most noticeable divide between sports betting in the UK and the US is which sports people bet on. The favorite choice for UK punters is, as expected, football (as in soccer), and sports have seen less in US sportsbooks, such as darts and horse racing.

Americans favor baseball, basketball, and American football. Another difference in US sports is the tendency to have much longer overtime extensions than UK and European ones, often extending even an hour over the expected time. 


This is where the biggest learning curve is. When it comes to odds, American operators favor the moneyline system, which is based on odds shown via + and – signs, and bets placed within this system wager on which side will win. On the other hand, the UK works with a decimal system, which actually makes it slightly easier to calculate returns. Another major difference is that point spreads, or handicaps, are also very popular in the US, while they have only recently started making their way into the UK.


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Finding a good bookie for your new hobby can be difficult, especially if you aren’t aware of local rumors and reputations. However, widely-used sites like the Punters Page guideline for the best new UK bookies will give you all the information you need.

This is helpful not only for finding specific casinos but as a beginner to learn which features you should be looking for when making your pick.


Now that you’ve got some tips to get started, the rest of your journey into UK betting will come down to experience and intuition. Get familiar with rules, regulations, and previous outcomes, and start small!

Remember to have fun with it, and don’t get frustrated if you usually do well within the US market.

Starting from scratch is part of the joy of it all, so get out there, pick a team, and get started!

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