It is no secret that one year after Tobias Harris signed his 5-year / $180,000,000 deal, it would be something that would haunt the Sixers organization for years to come.

Time flies as Harris is in the last year of his five-year deal, which makes him a much easier player to trade due to his contract expiring after next season.

Here are some possible deals the Sixers should consider if they choose to deal with Tobias.

*Note these are just the initial frameworks for a potential deal; no picks will be involved!

Trade #1

After a disappointing 2022-2023 season, the Mavericks have to look to improve their roster, or questions over Luka’s loyalty start to arise. The issue with the Mavericks’ role players has been consistency, something Tobias Harris has consistently maintained over the last couple of seasons. Harris is also an elite corner shooter from three and plays a very similar style of basketball to James Harden, so there won’t be much adjustment for Harris and his offensive role.

With this move, the Sixers get deeper and more firepower as Bertans and Hardaway Jr. can be flamethrowers from three-point range. Both players shot over 38% from three last season, but defensive concerns for both players are most likely why the Sixers wouldn’t do the deal.

Trade #2

Most consider the PG13/Kawhi duo a failure, but it isn’t for lack of trying from GM Lawrence Frank. Frank has done a wonderful job acquiring depth; some might consider this team too deep. This potential trade fixes that, and a reunion with Harris might be in their best interest. Harris had his best year as a pro in his 1.5 seasons with the Clippers, as he averaged 20 points per game and shot 42% from three. Harris also gives the Clippers another 3/D player to get his own bucket and guard multiple positions.

For the Sixers, these two players fit the play styles of Harden and Embiid much more than Harris. Both Covington and Gordon are elite catch-and-shoot three-point shooters. Eric Gordon can also fall into that 6th man role, something he’s a natural at, and can give the Sixers some much-needed bench scoring. Covington has always been an elite defensive player, and a reunion with the Sixers might revitalize his career.

Trade #3

If I’m Daryl Morey, this is the deal I am looking at. Once again, you get an elite scorer in Caris Levert, who is fine taking up that 6th man role, which the Sixers need. Still, you add an elite defensive player in Issac Okoro, who is very raw offensively but would learn a great deal from players like P.J. Tucker.

The Cavs do this deal because, while I am a big fan of Okoro’s game, he was unplayable in the Knicks series due to his offensive arsenal; trading for Harris gives the Cavs an all-in type of mentality and would give them a top 5 starting lineup in the NBA with Garland, Mitchell, Harris, Mobley, and Allen.

This is also the most likely deal that the Sixers would receive picks instead of giving up anymore as well.

Which one do you like best?
Drop your trade framework suggestions in the comments below.

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