About two weeks ago, the Philadelphia 76ers fired head coach Doc Rivers.
On Monday, the Sixers reached an agreement with former Toronto Raptors head coach Nick Nurse to fill the vacant role in Philadelphia.

Undoubtedly, this is a significant hire as Nurse was one of the most proven coaches in the mix for becoming the next head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Before signing Nurse, Doc Rivers was the head coach of the Sixers for the past three seasons. Despite his tremendous regular season success, the squad failed to reach the Eastern Conference Finals each year with Rivers.

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Nick Nurse was one of three candidates I predicted to be hired by the Philadelphia 76ers.

One main factor is his unique play-calling on both ends of the floor. However, a few major questions remain about how the Sixers’ roster will look after this off-season.

Will James Harden return to Philadelphia or leave for a new team in free agency this summer? Only time will tell, but that decision can change the entire direction of the Sixers organization.

If Harden decides to join a new team this off-season, the Sixers can agree to a max extension with Tyrese Maxey.

However, Embiid and Maxey would account for almost 80% of the Sixers’ salary. The 76ers will have approximately $20-25 million to sign other players. There’s a possibility they can acquire another star for the roster through a sign-and-trade or the star-studded 2024 free agency class highlighted by Jaylen Brown, Kawhi Leonard, and Paul George.

Whoever is paired alongside Joel Embiid, it is certain Nurse will have the opportunity to maximize his star players.

Recently, there have been a few other successful teams who have fired a winning head coach. Since the Sixers have a playoff contender roster, there’s hope that Nurse can employ a moving offensive scheme.

Philadelphia continued to have little ball movement under Doc Rivers so that Nurse can spark this offense.

Hopefully, Nurse can truly lead this Sixers squad to true contention in the playoffs.

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