There have been several reports floating around the NFL world this past week, and of course, the Eagles were at the center of them.

According to Greg Bishop of Sports Illustrated, the Eagles basically had a deal done with the Seahawks for Russell Wilson, but Wilson refused to be traded here.

This would have been a franchise-altering trade, and Howie got lucky that Wilson said no.

The Russell Wilson trade might go down as one of the biggest trade heists ever. The Broncos gave up several first-round picks, several middle-round picks, and three players, and they ultimately received a washed Russell Wilson in return. If the Eagles had made a deal similar to the one that the Broncos made, we would have lost a ton of assets that we are lucky to have. The Broncos included Drew Lock in the trade, so we most likely would have sent Jalen Hurts to Seattle. We all know what Hurts developed into last year, so we should all be extremely thankful for Russell turning us down.

There are plenty of other reasons that Wilson turning down the Eagles was amazing for the franchise. Regarding premium picks, the Broncos sent a 2022 first-round pick and a 2023 first, and second-round pick. With the picks the Eagles would have sent, it is very possible we would not have Jordan Davis, Jalen Carter, or Nolan Smith. It is also worth noting that the trade for AJ Brown would be less likely since his best friend would no longer be on the team, and a lot more money would have been spent on Russell Wilson.

When it comes to the players the Broncos traded, they traded their QB (Drew Lock), a productive tight end (Noah Fant), and a defensive tackle (Shelby Harris). If the Eagles would have matched that, we most likely would’ve lost Jalen Hurts, a productive player worth some value from either side of the ball, and Fletcher Cox.

The fallout from this trade would have been awful in Philadelphia. It took 16 games (!!!!) last year for Russell Wilson to throw as many touchdowns as he has bathrooms in his house (12).

Howie Roseman has received a ton of praise over the past few seasons for how he’s been able to build such a talented roster after the Carson Wentz mishap.
How deserves the praise, but he got fortunate that Russell Wilson said no.

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  1. bob

    June 5, 2023 at 3:02 PM

    Lucky and good

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