The Philadelphia Chinatown can’t be missed since it is only seven blocks long and has a notorious Friendship Arch.
Undoubtedly, this area has a wide variety of Asian culture.

Last year, the Philadelphia 76ers proposed a new arena in Center City East which nearly borders Chinatown.

Since their Wells Fargo Lease expires in 2031, the organization is currently aiming to have the opening for the proposed arena once the deal ends.

The arena would be located on Market Street between 10th and 11th Streets; an additional two blocks (Eastbound) will be dedicated to other services such as parking and restaurants.

Residents of Philadelphia have been divided regarding which side they support amid the plan for a new arena.

From the perspective of a 76ers owner, it makes sense to develop a new arena. Since the facility received the name Wells Fargo Center in 2010, there has been a strained relationship between the company and the Sixers organization.

The proposed 76ers arena can take over the Fashion District mall, which has a decline in business; this can improve the area and increase the value of rent & nearby land.

However, the thought of land value skyrocketing in Chinatown is concerning for residents. Not everyone can afford the new area; therefore, the Chinatown business and population will gradually decrease.

Furthermore, the traffic will be overwhelming for a small, tight-knit Chinatown community. At the moment, plenty of fans drive to Wells Fargo Center since it is in South Philadelphia. If the Sixers open a new arena in the heart of the city, it could be a massive headache to drive throughout Center City.

For residents on the outskirts of Philadelphia, public transportation might become more convenient than driving into the city if the 76ers leave South Philly.

A downtown venue will create even more congestion in a city where the annual population continues to grow.

This will undoubtedly be another process, and it’ll be difficult for fans to trust it again.


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