There are 6 important games the Eagles play every season.
The ones against their NFC East rivals.

Last year, the Eagles went 4-2 against NFC East opponents, 5-2 if you want to count the Playoff thrashing the Giants took in the Divisional round.

The 2 games the Eagles lost were the Week 10 game that ended the Eagles’ undefeated season against Washington. As well as the Week 16 shootout against Dallas that saw Gardner Minshew throw 2 Touchdowns and 2 Interceptions.

Below is the schedule for the Eagles’ games against their division rivals:

  • Week 4 vs. Washington Commanders
  • Week 8 @ Washington Commanders
  • Week 9 vs. Dallas Cowboys
  • Week 14 @ Dallas Cowboys
  • Week 16 vs. New York Giants
  • Week 18 @ New York Giants

Washington Commanders

The Washington Commanders finished the season 8-8-1. A week 13 tie against the Giants could have been the deciding factor that saw the Commanders in the playoffs instead of the Giants.

Not that the Commanders would have made a more significant impact than the Giants did.

The Commanders’ off-season was questionable. They made substantial additions to their Offensive Line in Andrew Wylie and Nick Gates, but losing Cole Holcomb and no permanent solution at QB doesn’t provide much hope for the team that snuck into the 2021 Playoffs when the NFC East was a dumpster fire of competition.

A team that rode Taylor Heinicke from Week 7 until Week 16 has signed Jacoby Brissett to compete against Sophomore Sam Howell.

Howell only played one game last season. The week 18 game against the Cowboys. 11/19, 169 Yards, 1 Touchdown, and 1 Interception. An acceptable game against one of the NFL’s top defenses for the rookie. Whether that instills enough confidence in the team to start Howell for all 17 games is still in question, but Brissett showed promise as the starter for Cleveland during DeShaun Watson’s suspension.

Regardless of how the Commanders’ season starts. Reports that former 2nd overall pick Chase Young is on the trade block. Not a great look for the Defensive End, who’s only played 27 games since being drafted. The Commanders have also found some replacements if they move on from Young. Extending Efe Obada and signing Abdullah Anderson from the Falcons.

It’s unlikely the Commanders will find themselves competing for the Division. Most likely, they’ll find themselves competing for a top 5 pick and a shot at Caleb Williams.


The Eagles will beat the Commanders in both meetings. As they’ll most certainly need to beat them in Week 8 as they begin the toughest stretch of their schedule in Week 9. (Eagles Win Twice)

Dallas Cowboys

This year has to be Dak Prescott’s Swan Song with the Dallas Cowboys.

Kellen Moore may have taken the bullet for the Cowboys’ pitiful Divisional Round loss against the 49ers. But if the Cowboys miss another opportunity to win the division and potentially an easy ride to the NFC Championship Game or Super Bowl. Mike McCarthy shouldn’t be the only person to blame at the end of the season.

Even though Prescott missed 5 games, he still ended up leading the league in interceptions. You can watch all 15 picks here.

With proven successful seasons, like his 2021 outing with 4,449 Yards, 37 TDS, and 10 Interceptions. Dak has proved that he can be the Quarterback to win but with recent injuries and inconsistent seasons. How long will the Cowboys continue to rely on getting the 2019 or 2021 versions of Prescott and not end up with a repeat of 2022?

Although adding Brandin Cooks and Stephon Gilmore in the off-season. The Cowboys have also gone on to lose Connor McGovern, Dalton Schultz, and Ezekiel Elliott. It might be a bit of a down year for the Cowboys, and perhaps the NFC East can have a repeat champion for the first time since 2005.


Like seasons past, the Eagles will end up splitting their 2 games against the Cowboys. Most likely winning the home game in week 9 and lose the Week 14 game in JerryWorld. (Eagles Win/Eagles Lose)

New York Giants

The Eagles thrashed the Giants in the 3 times the teams met last year. A combined score of 108-45, including a 31-point blowout in the playoffs.

The Giants barely snuck their way into the playoffs last year with a 9-7-1 record. (remember that Washington tie?) Although the Giants started the season 6-2, they followed their week 9 Bye Week with a 3-5-1 record.

Another factor that saw the NFC East almost entirely above .500 was the division’s ease of schedule, with a much more difficult schedule for a Giants team strapped for cap space. Expect them to struggle against the contending AFC East and the struggling yet strong NFC West.

Some strong additions in the off-season include Parris Campbell, Jamison Crowder, and Bobby Okereke. The Giants most likely won’t push for the Division title but could find themselves as another 6 or 7 seed.

The biggest question for the Giants is whether their commitment to Daniel Jones with a 4 year $160 Million deal will pay off. The Quarterback struggled under Joe Judge (hard to blame him) and looked to show some promise under Brian Daboll. With a 3,205 Yards, 15 TD, and 5 Interception seasons. With some better receivers and another year under the same offense, can Danny Dimes take another step forward?


The Eagles play the Giants in Weeks 16 and 18. The NFC East or fates of these teams could already be decided by the first matchup. However, if there are stakes for the Eagles to perform in both meetings, the Eagles will walk away with both wins against a Giants team that looks to finish 3rd in the division. (Eagles Win Twice)

With a 5-1 Record against the NFC East. That should help the Eagles lock up a home-field advantage in the playoffs, as well as another Division Title.

Adding in predicted records against AFC Opponents (3-2) and NFC Opponents (4-2), the Eagles could look to finish the 2023 season with a 12-5 record.

Will that be enough for them to secure the 1st seed in the NFC?

Photo: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

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