With the NBA Free Agency period kicking off, this Woj bomb was dropped.

Let’s break down a few teams that could complete the deal. 

1) Los Angeles Clippers

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This is the perfect team to trade with. There have been rumors circulating that the Clippers are looking to deal with Paul George as they can’t continue to rely on his injury history, and I think a swap surrounding Harden and George would make sense for both teams.

Now it wouldn’t be as simple as a one-on-one deal because salaries do not match. This allows the Sixers to add Tobias Harris’s contract and get role players in return. This deal keeps the Sixers relevant with a new big 3 in Maxey-PG13-Embiid while also can give the team more depth as well.

2) New York Knicks

If the Sixers want to go into the let’s wait-a-year plan, then the Knicks have plenty of young assets that could get a deal done. A package of RJ Barrett, Obi Toppin, and Quentin Grimes plus picks is an enticing offer.From a basketball perspective, none of these players give Sixers fans any hope, and RJ Barrett is still on a rookie max deal which would restrict the Sixer’s salary situation. This is not ideal.

3) Phoenix Suns

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How could the Suns possibly do this? Well, DeAndre Ayton’s annual salary is 32.4 million, which means the Suns would only have to come up with three million more dollars to complete a deal. This would have to happen in a three-team deal, but this would probably be the biggest headache in the world for Daryl Morey and Co.

I don’t envision this scenario due to how stubborn Morey is in waiting for the right deal, and this would certainly not be it.

4) Cleveland Cavaliers

I will throw out a team that no one is talking about, but there is a framework for a deal to be done. Reports around the league say Darius Garland is on the trade block, and if the Sixers want to get young and faster, they will gauge the Cavs’ interest in Harden.If this deal went through a Maxey, Garland’s backcourt would be one of the worst defensive backcourts in the league, but both players shoot 40% from three, and Garland is an excellent passer.

The truth is Harden could be in Philly for the beginning of the season or the year, as reports say Morey isn’t going to do a deal that doesn’t benefit Embiid and Sixers.
Or maybe it was Houston all along. Regardless, buckle Sixers fans; it will be another interesting offseason. 

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