With every day that passes, it seems more likely that the Sixers and Daryl Morey are thinking about running it back next season with the same team. 

Rumors are swirling that the Sixers are not interested in moving on from James Harden or Tobias Harris despite how the last two seasons have played out.

These rumors could be Morey flexing his chest, but what if they are not? Is it such a bad thing to bring the best team of the process era?

Damian Lillard

The only difference-making player that is available this offseason is Damian Lillard, who clearly wants to go to the Miami Heat.

It would be organizational malpractice for the Sixers to trade a player like Tyrese Maxey and the little draft capital that they have left for a malcontent Lillard

Zach LaVine

Other than Lillard, the only real option left on the board to make a real difference is Zach LaVine. Sure, LaVine is a nice player who can create shots and take over a game here and there, but the Sixers should have zero interest in moving on from Harden for Lavine.

Harden is a much more complete player than LaVine and was the major reason why we witnessed the best season of Joel Embiid’s career this year. 

The fact of the matter is that the Sixers are stuck in a bad situation thanks to bad contracts, bad trades, and poor drafting.

This is on the organization to see this through and not mortgage the future in the hopes of getting marginally better. 

We have seen time and time again that cohesiveness is crucial to success in the NBA; why not give it one more try with this crew? 

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