After a Darick Hall error at first base against the Milwaukee Brewers, NBC Sports panned their cameras to the dugout where Bryce Harper looked on. 

It could have been just a standard camera shot. But there was more surrounding the star outfielder turned designated hitter.

As he has worked his way back from Tommy John surgery on his elbow, Harper has taken reps at first base to see if he can get back to the playing field sooner rather than later.

And apparently, Harper has done well enough in practice to get the nod to start at first in an actual MLB game. It would be the first time in over a year Harper would be playing a defensive position.It isn’t often that a player switches positions from the outfield to first late in their career. Most notably, Stan Musial, Carl Yastrzemski, and Adam Dunn had made the switch

, but it’s usually a rare occurrence.

There were talks of Harper starting his venture at first against the Brewers, but a double-header and a rain delay the following day last weekend against the Padres foiled those plans.

Now, it appears that Harper will finally be able to man the right-side hot corner when the Phillies head to Cleveland this weekend to play the Guardians.

The Phillies brass believes it’s important to see if Harper can actually field at first base before the trade deadline. That way, any future talks on first basemen cough Paul Goldschmidt cough can be halted.Dave Dombrowski has come out and said that Harper manning first opens up the DH spot for the defensively struggling Kyle Schwarber and allows for better prospectsto cover ground in left field.

This would be good. Schwarber has had a tough year out in left with frustrating miscues and errors. So much so that Rob Thomson has decided that the more sure-handed Brandon Marsh moves from his usual spot in center to play left while Christian Pache and Johan Rojas take the reins in center field.

I’m definitely intrigued by the idea of Bryce’s position swap.Even if it does seem like the Phillies have been taking their sweet old time mulling it over (probably for trade negotiation and roster reasons), I do expect Harper to trot out to first base at some point when the Phillies take the field against the Guardians this weekend.

And listen, it’s Bryce Harper. He’s good at baseball. I would not be shocked at all if Bryce turned into a star at first base. Only time will tell.

Photo: Michael Reaves/Getty Images

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