This week the buzz around Philadelphia has been the release of the retro Kelly Green Eagles Jerseys

Let us take a moment to look back at some of the best and worst jerseys in the 57 years of Flyers hockey.

1967-1982, 2010-2023

Throughout the Flyers’ history, their full-time jerseys have had only two designs. From 1967 to 1982 and from 2010 to 2023, they had the jerseys pictured below.

Minor changes were made along the way, such as adding last names, stripping designs, and nameplates.

Photo: The Unofficial NHL Uniform Database
Photo: The Unofficial NHL Uniform Database


And from 1982 to 2010, they took to the ice with the ones shown below. These designs will be coming back this season with slight modifications.

Fans were hoping for a return to the black jersey from the 80s and 90s to become the new alternate uniform for this upcoming season instead of the 2017 Stadium Series sweaters.

Photo: The Unofficial NHL Uniform Database
Photo: The Unofficial NHL Uniform Database

2002 Alternate

Photo: The Unofficial NHL Uniform Database

The first alternate jersey the Flyers released that never became a full-time home or away uniform happened in 2002.

The so-called 3D uniform gave the jersey a futuristic look. With accents of silver, it is the only time the Flyers winged P logo was ever changed.

50th Anniversary

Photo: The Unofficial NHL Uniform Database

For the Flyers’ 50th Anniversary, the team introduced a newly designed sweater with gold numbers and a golden outline around the crest player’s last name.

2010 Winter Classic

All other third jerseys in Flyers history have come from specialty events such as outdoor games or the NHL reverse retro jerseys. The uniforms from the Flyers’ first Winter Classic in 2010 were remakes of a design used in the 70s. And ended up becoming the team’s away sweaters until last year.

Photo: The Unofficial NHL Uniform Database

When the Winter Classic came to Philadelphia in 2012, the team released what could be called the best jersey in team history. One that would become the alternated jersey for two years and is still a fan favorite to this day.

2017 Stadium Series

For the Flyers’ first trip to the Stadium Series in 2017, the team unveiled new black jerseys for the game. The uniform also has what can only be described as “comically large” numbers on the sleeves and is obviously introduced for the outdoor game since the sightlines are a lot further away.

Photo: The Unofficial NHL Uniform Database

Since then, these uniforms have been the team’s alternate sweaters and will be with the new set of home and away jerseys for the 2023-24 season.

2019 Stadium Series

Photo: The Unofficial NHL Uniform Database

For the 2019 Stadium Series game in Philadelphia, the team wore a burnt orange jersey. Although it was only ever worn one other time after the outdoor game, it is still one of my personal favorites.

Reverse Retro

The last specialty uniforms the Flyers have wore are the two reverse retro jerseys. These two are almost the same, just with inverted colors. The 2021 addition is orange with black shoulders and white wrists.

In comparison, the 2022-23 ones are white with black shoulders and orange wrists with the addition of a nameplate.

Photo: The Unofficial NHL Uniform Database
Photo: The Unofficial NHL Uniform Database

I was never a fan of either of these jerseys. But, the reverse retro program is supposed to pull inspiration from the team’s uniform history. For the Flyers, there is not much variety to choose from.

With Fanatics taking over the NHL jersey rights from Adidas starting in 2024-25, it all but assured that the reverse retro jersey program would not be coming back.

The Flyers will be playing in this year’s Stadium Series game in North Jersey against the Devils, so another new Flyers uniform will be coming out in the near future.

Photo: Getty Images

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