With this news breaking last week, a roster spot has suddenly opened up for training for your Philadelphia 76ers.

Here are some players who might get a chance if the Sixers sign another player. 

There is an excellent reason for them not to, as if they trade James Harden, more than likely, more players will be coming back to the Sixers, plus 2.72 million is the minimum guaranteed salary for vets in the NBA; doing this would put the Sixers deeper in the new premium luxury tax.

1) Ryan Arcidiacono

Photo: Sports Illustrated

Arcidiacono has had a longer career than most expected after his four years at Villanova. Still, the Neshaminy High School grad has made a name for himself as a solid role player and face in the locker room and with a team that seems only to be making noise for the wrong reasons.

Bringing in a homegrown product like Arcidiacono would go well with the fans, and he could play that T.J. McConnel role when necessary. 

2) Brynn Forbes

Brynn Forbes has had a choppy NBA career, but one thing Forbes could always do is shoot the basketball, as he is a career 41% shooter from beyond the arc.  Once again, Forbes has that microwave ability teams need throughout the regular season.

Also, Forbes is a free-flowing mover without the basketball, which means he would be an ideal fit in new Head Coach Nick Nurse’s offense. 

3) Kevin Knox

Photo: Polygon

I was a bigger fan than most of Knox coming out of college. His 6’9 frame and ability to stretch out a defense with a smooth three-point shot would create a long NBA career for the Kentucky SF.

This has not been the case, but I think a team like the Sixers where he will have zero expectations of himself and get to play the 3-D role. The talent is there.

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