About five months ago, I was asked to write about the NFL and charitable work.
After some research, I decided to write about Nonprofit Good360, a 503 © (3) that does incredible work nationally and internationally with underserved and underprivileged communities across the globe.

In addition to the valuable work that they perform, they are also one of the organizations that assist in the distribution of the losing Super Bowl team’s merchandise to communities who need it globally.

NFL apparel manufacturers and distributors who mass produce Super Bowl Championship gear for both teams at the end of January to be ready in anticipation of the game’s outcome must move quickly at the end of the 4th quarter to dispose of large amounts of hoodies, baseball caps, and t-shirts bearing the name of the losing team.

In recent years, film crews and photographers have been mesmerized while working in foreign countries and seeing NFL apparel, including hoodies, baseball caps, and t-shirts bearing logos with text such as 2022 Cincinnati Bengals, 2021 Kansas City Chiefs, 2020 San Francisco 49ers (All of these teams lost the Super Bowl in those respective years.)

This year was no exception. Of course, a Kansas City newspaper picked up the piece.

About eight weeks after it ran, I was refilling my Sunday morning coffee when there was a knock at the front door. The delivery man had dropped off a package with a Missouri return address.

I was pretty sure that I knew no one in Missouri. After minor safety precautions, including a thorough safety examination by the hounds, I opened the box. I must admit that for the next several moments, I bellowed out in laughter in a style that rivaled Ol’ Saint Nick. Staring back at me in the box were two t-shirts and a hoodie that proudly read “Philadelphia Eagles 2023 Super Bowl Champions.”

At the bottom of the box was a Kansas City Chiefs 2023 Super Bowl Championship t-shirt with a note pinned on top that read…

From Kansas City with “Some” Love.

I quickly placed the Kansas City T-Shirt in the receptacle with the dog excrement and put on my new weekend Eagles hoodie.

When I leave the house wearing it, I get sideways looks from many people trying to understand what the hoodie says.

Last week, a Kansas City Chiefs fan was filling up his red Ford Mustang with the logo imprinted on his license plate and proceeded to spill gas all over his shoes while staring me down in disbelief.

Oh well, it’s the outcome that I wanted.

In the words of British General Edward Braddock in early America and has somehow just made it into a Philadelpmustles column, “We shall better know how to deal with them next time.”

The Eagles will be ready. They’ll better know how to deal with the Chiefs next time.

Until then, I’ll keep wearing my hoodie and writing about the Eagles.
And there will be a next time (November 20th at 8:15 P.M.).

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