When Tyrese Maxey got drafted by the Sixers, he was buried on the bench. Now, he’s Philly’s golden child and a borderline superstar. How did he get here? He worked for it.
There’s nothing Maxey can’t handle. 

In his first three seasons, Maxey has dealt with trade rumors, drama from two of his teammates, and now a change of coaching. When he was a rookie, he barely played. But, the second his number was called, he was ready. Maxey played hero in game six of the second round in 2021 against the Atlanta Hawks.

That offseason, he knew he was most likely going to be the starting point guard come October as Ben Simmons held out. Maxey had never played point guard, so he learned. His team-first and positive attitude has allowed him to climb every mountain he’s faced. His work ethic is so strong that nothing is too much for him anymore.

It’s all in the mindset. 

Tyrese Maxey is the definition of a growth mindset. Unlike certain other athletes we’ve seen in this city, Maxey is never satisfied with where he’s at. He’s aware that everything he does well now could be done better. He understands that being a ‘superstar’ does not mean he is the best version of himself, so he works toward constant improvement. He takes failure as an opportunity to know how he can get better and give the game everything he has.

The true measures of performance are effort and practice, so who’s up at 5 a.m. every day to work out? Tyrese Maxey. Do you know any 22-year-olds getting up that early? His personal mantra is to “get 1% better every day,” which he clearly lives up to.

Maxey is leaps and bounds above the rest.

Every year, Tyrese Maxey has gotten better. This year, he’s looking to build on a promising third season where he averaged 20.3 points on 48% shooting. But, he finds himself in a similar situation as he was two years ago, and this time, a contract extension is on the line. Everyone in Philadelphia will tell you that Maxey deserves an extension, but it won’t happen unless Harden is traded before the October deadline.

Extension or not, Maxey has set high standards for himself from the fans and his team for the upcoming season and every year following

After everything that’s happened since 2021, Joel Embiid is thrilled to have a running mate like Maxey, who he can count on as someone who will constantly be there and ready to win. He makes everyone around him better and has a winning character that puts him miles above the other 22-year-olds in the league.

This season will be rocky, but Maxey has been here before; he knows better this time. The larger role didn’t bother him then; why should it now? He’s more mature and prepared.

As fans, we should be excited about the leap Maxey is ready to make this year.

Will he finally be an all-star? Win the most improved player?
Regardless of what happens this season, you’ll see Tyrese Maxey smiling through it all. 

Photo: David Dow/Getty Images

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