Last Month, a Firearm Scare Put a Pause on the Annual Abington vs Cheltenham Football Game. The Incident Illuminates the Importance of the Eagles Commitment to the Philadelphia Community with Program’s Already in Place.

No, the Philadelphia Eagles are not yet involved in the support for the teams and the community after a gun was found at the 104th meeting of Abington High School and Cheltenham High School at Schwarzman Stadium in Abington last month. Judging by their commitment to the Philadelphia Community, it would be no surprise if they soon are.

The Philadelphia Eagles have an incredible commitment to help young people against gun violence. Last year, Jalen Hurts brought his camp for area youth to the Cheltenham High School Football Field, furthering the Eagles commitment to high school football programs from all over the Delaware Valley region.

In January 2023, the Eagles launched A Fan of Change, which was proceeded by a pledge by the Eagles of over $410,000.00 from the Eagles Social Justice Fund of Philadelphia Foundation in 2018. The Foundation provided financial education and support for gun violence prevention.

After a shooting at Simon Gratz High School in 2019, the Eagles hosted a dinner for the entire football team.

Last month, chaos came to Schwarzman Stadium at Abington Senior High School when a firearm was found at the annual Cheltenham vs. Abington Football Game. An arrest was made and thankfully no one was injured.

At present, a growing number of community members have offered to volunteer to support the players after the incident in Abington. The volunteers will offer support to both teams as they recover.

Meanwhile, the Eagles will continue to do all that they can to further community change and to help prevent gun violence. 

After all, they believe that violence such as this has no place in high school football. A place where all of the current Eagles started a football journey.

Under Friday Night Lights. On a field much like Schwarzman Stadium.

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