They Don’t Care Which One Has the Better Game.
It’s Almost Guaranteed that One of Them Will Burn Your Defense.

Immersed in the pregame pandemonium of Super Bowl LVIII, the game time temperature is hovering around 64 degrees. It’s no matter; AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith are plenty warmed up.

Lining up on offense, it’s not a question of if they will take the game over, but when. Try to take one of them away with a defensive scheme, and the other is ready to make your defense pay.

Big time: From the start of Super Bowl LVIII, Smith and Brown are picking up where they have left off all season long.

Making receptions and scoring touchdowns.

Brown’s big frame is a nightmare for NFL cornerbacks and safeties in single coverage. Trying to defend his size is one thing; once you deal with that aspect, his quickness reveals itself, and the defense is trying to catch up. Smith’s smooth route running and elusive moves are as seamless as a fine-tuned orchestra.

Let either one of them get behind you, and it’s going to be a long night. 

The two complement each other perfectly.

Long before the 2022 draft-day trade that brought AJ Brown to the Eagles, DeVonta Smith was a huge fan. Last year, when the Eagles were undefeated mid-season, DeVonta was seen during a pregame warmup wearing an AJ Brown t-shirt.

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DeVonta is used to a robust wide receiver room. At the University of Alabama, his teammates in the position included Jerry Jeudy, Calvin Ridley, Henry Ruggs III, and Jaylen Waddle.

Not bad company.

AJ Brown is used to that dynamic as well. In Tennessee, Brown played with All-Pro wide receiver Julio Jones. When Jones was traded from the Titans, Brown took to Twitter in support of Julio and what his time with the Titans had meant to AJ.

NFL experts have ranked them as the top receiving duo in the league. 

AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith have no doubt.

Back in Glendale, Arizona, A.J. Brown has just hauled a touchdown in the corner of the end zone, capping off another Eagles drive with a score from the receiving corps.

After AJ trots over, DeVonta Smith joins him on the Eagles sideline. “We’ll be right back up,” he says.
Yes, they will be.

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