In Texas, Nick Foles is in the Twilight of a Successful NFL Career. In Philadelphia, He is an Immortal.

Quarterback Nick Foles is enjoying the family life as a husband and a father. At age 34, he is in the twilight of his career, but his phone is still on for any NFL club in need of a signal caller.

In March of 2023, Foles’ phone did ring. 

The Indianapolis Colts, who had originally signed Foles to a two-year contract in 2022 were moving in another direction at quarterback, acquiring younger talent.

Nick was a free agent.

Philadelphians don’t need to hear the story of Nick Foles (ok, ok I’ll tell it anyway.)

Andy Reid in his 31 seasons coaching in the NFL knows quarterbacks. He has drafted Donovan McNabb, Patrick Mahomes, and signed Michael Vick. He worked with Brett Favre in Green Bay when he was a coordinator.

He’s also stayed in close touch with the Eagles and consulted with them during the 2020 draft on Jalen Hurts. 

In 2012, Reid was in his final season as Eagles Head Coach. He wanted to draft a quarterback as a backup for Michael Vick.

The Eagles already had Mike Kafta and Trent Edwards, but Reid wanted another talented young quarterback to bring along.

His sights were set on Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson. The Eagles had scouted Wilson thoroughly, and were upstaged by the Seattle Seahawks and Pete Carroll who selected him before the Eagles pick.

Thirteen selections later, Nick Foles was an Eagle. Standing at 6 foot 6, Foles played college football at Michigan State University and then Arizona State University.

Like Jalen Hurts and Davey O’Brien, Foles was an Eagles quarterback from Texas.

That same year with Eagles quarterback Michael Vick injured, Nick Foles stepped in and threw the winning touchdown pass against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in December 2012. The Eagles won 23–21.

After Coach Chip Kelly took over at the helm of the Eagles in 2013, Foles would once again replace an injured Michael Vick. Against the Raiders he would enter the record books, throwing for seven touchdowns which tied an NFL record. He would end 2013 with a 27–2 touchdown to interception ratio, the best in the NFL.

Foles was the Eagles starter in 2014, starting eight games before breaking his collarbone. In March of 2015, the Eagles traded Foles to the St. Louis Rams and two draft picks (one 2015 and one 2016) in exchange for quarterback Sam Bradford.

But Nick Foles wasn’t done as an Eagle yet.

After the Rams selected Jared Goff in 2016, Foles requested a release and would end up with a roster spot on the Kansas City Chiefs.

In 2017, Nick Foles returned to the Eagles as a backup for Carson Wentz. After Wentz suffered a knee injury against the Rams that year, Foles would step in to take the Eagles to the the Super Bowl. A stellar offense performance coupled with a bold play call would elevate Nick Foles from Eagles superstar quarterback to Philadelphia legend.

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In a Super Bowl with the most offense ever recorded, Foles and coach Doug Pederson ran what is now known as the “Philly Special,” a throwback to the quarterback for a touchdown on 4th and Goal. Foles would help to bring the Eagles their first ever Lombardi Trophy.

Foles would again come in for an injured Carson Wentz in 2018, and the Eagles would again make the playoffs. He left the Eagles in February of 2019.

Over the next three seasons, Nick spent time with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Indianapolis Colts, and Chicago Bears. He would never again enjoy the success that he had in Philadelphia.

Foles isn’t ruling out another NFL opportunity, and he really likes what is happening in Philadelphia, “They have great veterans over there, they have great young players that have become leaders. And then they’re drafting really well. [Roseman is] doing a great job with that. They’re getting free agents that are coming in that want to be a part of this city, that want to be a part of what’s happening over there, what’s happening in the Linc. I know that expectations are high, but the key to winning in Philly is not worrying about those expectations, staying hungry in that facility, feeding off the energy in the Linc, and just going and playing ball,” says Foles.

“I’m not doing anything drastic right now,” Foles said via “Up and Adams.’’ “I gotta see where I’m at and we’ll see through the course of this season if I get excited about it again.”

One thing is for certain. Nick is always welcome back in Philadelphia outside of the Stadium and has a statue of his legendary 4th down Super Bowl call and an echo of his cadence at the line of scrimmage,


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