The Sixers have become the bad reality show of professional sports teams. 

The team is finishing an offseason that started with the firing of Doc Rivers after another second round exit and was highlighted by James Harden publicly forcing his way off of the team. 

Daryl Morey and the Sixers front office are yet again in a very difficult situation with Harden which is very similar to the situation they were in just two years ago with Ben Simmons. The only difference being that Simmons was 24 at the time, Harden is 34 and has shown that he is not the Harden of old. The Sixers hold very little leverage because of what Harden has said publicly and if Harden does end up holding out of training camp, the little leverage they have will go out the window.  

The fact that this has happened not once but twice to the same organization in two years time is very hard to believe but it is not all that surprising. It can be blamed on the front office having no continuity which led to a clouded vision of what the future of the team would look like. The Sixers have gone through Sam Hinkie, Brian Colangelo, Brett Brown, Elton Brand, and now Daryl Morey calling the shots in the front office. Say what you want about Morey but he is not the reason why the Sixers are where they are. 

Morey and the Sixers brass have tried to make the best of this bad situation in the off-season. They seemed to prioritize veterans in order to correct some of the locker room issues the team had last year. The team brought in long time veterans Danny Green and Patrick Beverly while adding Mo Bamba and Kelly Oubre as well. While these are all low-risk high-reward deals they are not nearly enough to get the Sixers where they need to go. 

Morey may hold blame in the Harden situation but this problem goes much deeper than just Harden. The downfall of the current Sixers team can’t be blamed on Morey just because his guy is a known diva.   


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