The Eagles take on the Commanders on Sunday at 1PM. The undefeated Eagles will be taking on a Washington team that just got destroyed by the Buffalo Bills, 37-3. Washington hasn’t look great so far this year, which puts the Eagles in a great position to start the season 4-0.

Washington has a 2-1 record so far, but the first two games they won weren’t that inspiring. They beat two bottom five, maybe even bottom three teams so far. They started week one with a close win against the Cardinals (20-16), and finished week two by beating the Broncos (35-33). As soon as they had to play a decent team, it was clear that the Commanders are still not able to compete. The Eagles have a better overall team than the Bills, so the Commanders could be in serious trouble.

The Eagles have won three out of their last four matchups against the Commanders. They should be four for four if it wasn’t for an awful missed facemask on Dallas Goedert last year. The Eagles will have that loss on their minds, and it should fuel them to want to beat the Commanders even more. The Eagles haven’t played their best ball yet this year, so there is little reason to believe this is a trap game. The Eagles won’t be too cocky because they haven’t played to a level that’s deserving of cockiness.

The Eagles have a better roster than the Commanders the whole way across the board. It will be hard for the Commanders to stop the Eagles run game, their elite duo of receivers, and the Eagles relentless pass rush. If the Commanders manage to pull out a win, then that almost guarantees that the Eagles beat themselves by having stupid mistakes, or by playing down to the Commanders level.

The Birds should be able to have a big game against a division rival. They are on great pace to start 4-0.

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