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Over the past week, the James Harden trade rumors have started to pick back up, with all of the rumors centered around the Los Angeles Clippers. These are the same deals that were rumored months ago and never seemed to have any traction with the Sixers front office, so what changes now? The deal is still centered around at least one first round pick, a pick swap, and “expiring contracts”, but that was the same deal that was rejected months ago, so it’s hard to imagine that trade package is going to all of the sudden work for the Sixers. The main piece that is missing from that deal is Terrance Mann, but the reports came out this week saying the Clippers view him as “untouchable”.

Why Mann Must be in the Deal

Terrance Mann is not the player that James Harden is, nor does he have the potential to be what James Harden has been in his career, but he is important to the deal because the Sixers need more than just an end of the bench role player and a pick for Harden. Harden led the league in assists last year, and even though his scoring ability has declined in recent years, he is still averaging over 20 ppg and had two massive 40 point performances in the playoffs. The Sixers receiving Marcus Morris and picks is not nearly the return they need to keep being championship contenders, and the only way this deal gets done is if there are younger players with brighter future involved in the deal.

Mann is a 27 year old guard who has shown flashes of elite play in his time in Los Angeles, but the Clippers backcourt has been very crowded recently and he has found himself out of the rotation at times. Clippers already have Russell Westbrook, Norman Powell, and Bones Hyland on their roster, so Mann has often been the odd man out at times and that is without James Harden on the team. However on the Sixers, he would have a real opportunity to show his full potential, by getting consistent minutes and scoring opportunities. Without Mann being included in the deal, there is no way for the Sixers to utilize Marcus Morris or Robert Covington to facilitate the playmaking needs that they will have without Harden.

Be Realistic

Mann is not a superstar or some 20 year old phenom, and the Sixers cannot allow the Clippers to make people view him that way. There is no scenario where a team can add a player of Harden’s caliber and not give up at least one promising player in return. These reports have been very frustrating and just goes to show that there is still a lot of work to be done before a deal happens. As the season begins to get closer and closer it is getting more frustrating that there has been no progress made and Daryl Morey needs to start being the GM that he believes himself to be.







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