Two games into the 2023 NBA season, the Sixers stand at 1-1. They had a tough loss to the Milwaukee Bucks in the opener but rebounded with a complete showing against the Raptors a couple of nights later.

In both games, one thing was very clear. Tyrese Maxey has taken a step forward and it’s a big one. Maxey scored a team high 31 in game one and 34 in game 2 which was tied with Joel Embiid for the team high. It’s very apparent that Nick Nurse in his first year with the Sixers is making it a priority to get Maxey the ball and he has not disappointed. 

When the 22 year old was drafted 21st overall in 2020, there was real concern about Maxey’s ability to shoot the ball from beyond the three point line which even followed him into his rookie season. Since then, Maxey has become statistically one of the league’s best three point shooters. The jump he was able to make paired with how lightning quick he is with the ball in his hands has made people start to wonder if he is someone you can build around going forward.


It is no secret that the Sixers are in bad shape for the foreseeable future. They have an aging team, very little draft capital, and questions in the front office making the future look extremely murky. The jury is still out on whether or not Maxey can be a franchise cornerstone, but if Maxey continues at this rate, the team is able to keep him here long-term and make the right moves around him, the future may not be as bleak as it once looked.


The Sixers fourth year guard has become a fan favorite thanks to his energy on the court and work ethic off of the court. Who knows what Maxey’s ceiling really is but the way he is playing in the first two games is very promising for a team with a ton of question marks.

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