Being 8–1 is Satisfying. Beating the Cowboys is Even More So.

In Philadelphia, beating the Dallas Cowboys is like a New Year’s Day Parade whether the Eagles win by 50 points or only by a field goal.

When it comes to a matchup between the Cowboys and Eagles, you can expect the game to come down to the 4th quarter and probably the last possession.

For 63 years, the Cowboys and Eagles have been battling in some of the most memorable games in Eagles history like Wilbert’s back-breaking rush, the Bounty Bowl, 4th and 1, even a December dismantling of Dallas in 2008 (44–6, to be exact.)

With time running down in the fourth quarter on Sunday, Dallas was banking that having their offense on the field last was a sure victory. Especially by keeping the Eagles off the field and keeping Jalen Hurts, DeAndre Swift, AJ Brown, Julio Jones, and Dallas Goedert where they cannot harm the Cowboys…on the sideline.

Photo Courtesy of Eagles Nation on X.

This game was complete with everything; Brotherly Shove’s, a 4th down completed passes that was inches from the end zone, a Prescott run coming up just short of the pylon, even an injured Jalen Hurts who refused to be well, injured.

After a pass interference penalty and a roughing the passer call, the Cowboys were setup at the Eagles 27 yard line with a 3rd and 26 with five seconds left (call Freddie Mitchell!)

Dak Prescott knew exactly where he would go with the football on this play.

Throughout history, number 88 was always the go-to Cowboys target. Hall of famer Michael Irvin, Dez Bryant, and now the elusive tall wideout CeeDee Lamb. At the University of Oklahoma, Lamb amassed over 3,200 yards. In nearly four seasons with the Cowboys, he has over 4,000.

Prescott took the snap from the shotgun and moved around in the pocket buying as much time as possible before unloading the football towards the end zone.

Lamb is open only momentarily. Catching the ball at the Eagles 3 yard line, he turns upfield to attempt to win the game. Four Eagles crash on him like a title wave of midnight green. Darius Slay is there first, then Nick Morrow, and finally Sidney Brown.

Today, one of the NFL’s most elusive receivers cannot escape the Eagles defense.

South Philadelphia erupts in celebration. The ear-shattering roars mirror the wild adulations and emotions on the sideline that are from perhaps the Eagles biggest fan.

Head Coach Nick Sirianni. 

Another fulfulling Sunday of the Eagles beating the Cowboys. 

Any way that they can.

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  1. Ron

    November 8, 2023 at 7:43 AM

    Great article!

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