So far Kelly Oubre Jr. has proven to be the steal of free agency and a fan favorite. After a stressful offseason, the 27-year-old wing is taking everything day by day as he learns about his new home.

The pride of being yourself.

Kelly Oubre Jr. is a genuinely cool dude. He’s a hard worker and wants nothing but to be himself. He takes pride in his uniqueness and perspective on life. After a not-so-ideal offseason, Oubre is hungry to prove himself to the league and has a pent-up energy that shows in game. He chose to take a pay cut to be here. He wanted to be somewhere where he was wanted. Since becoming a Sixer, Oubre feels that he’s “finally in the NBA”, ready for the opportunity to feel what it’s like to play for a good team.

Oubre has a simple but resilient mindset as the season moves forward. Having barely played in the playoffs, he’s looking to prove a lot of people wrong this year. Changing from a lottery team to a team with championship hopes and fans who expect the world of them is no easy thing. But, Oubre is ready to embrace the high expectations that come with playing here.

A walking bucket.

In seven games, Oubre is averaging 17.4 points on 51.8% shooting (41.2% from three) in 29.4 minutes a game. All of these shooting percentages are career highs. He knows his job is to score and he isn’t afraid to take a shot. Oubre’s explosive offsense spaces the floor for Embiid which allows them to compliment each others’ games nicely. He’s what you would call a walking bucket.

Oubre has also shown an increased intensity and presence on defense. It seems like he’s taken a page out of Pat Bev’s gritty defense book. He’s taking pride in his on-ball challenges and has his teammates’ trust to gamble on defense.

He’s the most decisive and athletic wing the Sixers have had since… 2012?

Play tough, become loved by the toughest fans. 

Oubre has become a crucial part of the starting lineup. He allows Nick Nurse to have flexibility in the rotation and can provide energy at any needed moment. Oubre loves the culture Nurse has created on the team. He’s a match made in heaven for the Sixers. He’s fiery, plays hard, and fights for his team. 

When he picked up a tech Wednesday night against the Celtics, he immediately got the crowd on their feet. Nothing felt more Philadelphian. Much like Pat Bev, he seems like he was built for this city in an unconventional way

He loves the fans and the feeling is mutual. He fits in with this new, extremely likable, Sixers team. Oubre is easy to root for and fans hope he becomes a part of the Sixers’ long-term future.

Kelly Oubre Jr. is learning to navigate his new chapter in Philadelphia. He’s taking everything slow, and is certainly unafraid of the new spotlight. Oubre is unapologetically himself in everything he does and ready to show the NBA what he’s made of.

There are a lot of questions that come with Kelly Oubre Jr., but for now, let’s just appreciate the impact he’s had on this team so far.

Photo: Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

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