Giving Notice is Professional Courtesy. If You Can, 29 Years is Appreciated.

When you are leaving an employer, a certain decency and respect necessitates the courtesy of a notice period to accompany your resignation. Give as much notice as you can, as in the case of Bernard Williams who was finally released this week after 29 years of not playing for the Eagles.

It’s been an ample amount of time for Williams to pursue other opportunities.

The NFL and the Eagles, both doing some cleanup of paperwork this week were alerted that Williams was still on the Philadelphia roster.

A 1994 1st round pick from the Eagles out of Georgia, Williams was on the all rookie team and started all 16 games for the Eagles in his first season. With multiple positive tests for marijuana in 1994, Williams was suspended after the season and was never reinstated, right before Jeffrey Lurie bought the Eagles and with Randall Cunningham as the starting Eagles quarterback.

Williams reportedly spent between $50 Million and $100 Million. 

He himself must have been surprised about being released this week. It just goes to show you, anyone’s last day at work can come at any time.

Even 29 years later.

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