Whether By Intentional Scheduling, Happenstance, or Just Plain Luck, Jalen Hurts vs. Patrick Mahomes Isn’t Just Primetime. It’s Primetime NFL at Its Best.

For those of you who think it’s no accident that the 8–1 Eagles are playing the 7–2 Chiefs on Monday night in Week 11, you are probably correct. I don’t mean that the NFL schedule is rigged.

Let’s not start that.

But one does have to wonder if the NFL knew that both teams with a combined 15 wins in 2023 would be the perfect Thanksgiving week matchup.

Photo Courtesy of Philadelphia Sports Nation on X.

And what do you ask makes up this highly anticipated possibly Super Bowl preview besides the best teams in the NFC and AFC and the finest young quarterback in the NFC (possibly the NFL) up against the best quarterback in the AFC?

Well, I am glad that you asked:

Reid and Sirianni— Andy Reid is not only the most winning coach in Eagles history in games both coached and won, the Green Bay Packers Quarterback Coach who overwhelmed the Eagles during an interview for their 1999 coaching vacancy and never looked back. In his fourteen seasons with Philadelphia, and with a 124–47–0 record two Lombardi trophies, three AFC Championships, and seven AFC West Titles is now working on doing the same in Kansas City.

The Wide Receivers Coach that worked for him in Kansas City (now Head Coach in Philadelphia, has the Eagles poised for another Super Bowl return in 2024.)

A Coaching Carousel — Much like Andy Reid came out of Mike Holmgren’s Coaching Tree in Green Bay, also in Kansas City he helped to produce Super Bowl winner Doug Pederson and a young Wide Receiver Coach named Nick Sirianni.

Andy even acknowledged earlier this year to accidentally, (possibly) celebrating an Eagles big play during the Super Bowl.

Will both teams meet in Las Vegas again this February? 

The Patrick Mahomes vs. Jalen Hurts will be the biggest draw for this 2023 matchup.

It’s a Monday, Thanksgiving Showdown. 

Just the way the NFL wants it.

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