They’ve Been Cheering the Eagles Sideline Since 1948.

Luckily for Eagles fans, the last few seasons have seen very few losses and even fewer games that the Eagles were out of completely in the fourth quarter.

For those rare occurrences when the Eagles are not soaring at the end of a game like usual, the yearly average home crowd at Lincoln Financial Field of 628,828 fans has something beautiful to look at on the sideline besides the amazing Auburn Eagle that soars around the Stadium.

Dating back to the Eagles championship year of 1948, the Eaglettes have been routing on Philadelphia football. During the 1970s, the Eaglettes became the Liberty Belles, and finally were transformed into the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders during the 1980s.

The original cheerleading squad (one of the oldest in the NFL) did so well that they reportedly even distracted the players.

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This Sunday, as the Eagles play the Buffalo Bills at Lincoln Financial Field Philadelphia fans will have something else to cheer about as the Eagles Cheerleaders will celebrate 75 years of existence with throwback Kelly Green uniforms designed with the assistance of Vera Wang.

The long-standing audition tradition holds open tryouts each year in the spring at the Eagles home stadium. For those who are selected as cheerleaders, they will undergo extensive training for dance as well as physical fitness. Performances can be seen at charity and community engagements, as well as at home games and other public appearances.

For the rest of us, we’ll enjoy seeing them. After all, I’m as human as the next man. 

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