When Fantasy Becomes a Nightmare.

Nothing breaks up the long August afternoons like that annual gathering of twelve of your friends for a late summer investment of a Fantasy Football Draft Board combined with the worst wings, mozzarella sticks, and beer on the East Coast.

Photo Courtesy of Eagles Nation on X.

The 2023 fantasy season is also a winner for anyone who came away from their Fantasy Draft selecting Eagles, with Jalen Hurts ranked #3 quarterback in all of fantasy football and A.J. Brown becoming the fastest Eagles player to get to 1,000 yards in a season (which he accomplished in week 9.)

Photo Courtesy of Eagles Nation on X.

This year, more than 12 million people will enter ESPN Fantasy Football leagues for the first time, up nearly 10%, year-over-year.

As luck would have it, you have first pick in your 2023 Fantasy Football Draft. Conventional wisdom would have your select Christian McCaffrey to begin your weekly offensive assault from the running back position.

But you’ve never been one for convention. Or conventional wisdom.

Why not select one of the NFL’s finest receivers instead, a proud graduate from LSU? (because he’s not going to play for six weeks, that’s why!)

Justin Jefferson is your first selection, the stick adhesive bonding to your fingers like a tub of elephant glue from the poorly manufactured draft board.

This week, Justin Jefferson told NFL Fantasy Football Fans that his health is more important than your fantasy playoff and championship outlook.

“My health is wayyyy more important than you winning your fantasy games,” Jefferson posted this week on X formerly known as Twitter. “It doesn’t matter how many times y’all flood my dms talking about me selling your team. I DONT CARE😂.”

How dare he? Doesn’t he realize that your 136.37777 to 136.37776 win over Jalen’s Jammin Journeymen is essential, who haven’t made a successful roster change since the Draft?

With Jefferson out, your injured reserve spot may be the best in all of fantasy football.

Like the man said. He doesn’t care.

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