12 Weeks through the season, with Week 13 already underway.
It’s time to begin some award conversations.

Jalen Carter remains the betting front-runner for Defensive Rookie of the Year ahead of Devon Witherspoon, Will Anderson Jr., and Brian Branch.

There’s another Eagle who looks to lead the pack regarding a bigger award.

Last season, Jalen Hurts missed 2 games near the end of the season. Yet his numbers are still compared to those in the MVP conversation. You can see how his numbers fared last season here.

According to the betting odds, Jalen Hurts (+175) is the favorite to win MVP at this season, while Dak Prescott (+300), Patrick Mahomes (+575), and Lamar Jackson (+750) are the other top contenders. Check out SportsBetListings.com to learn more about betting on stuff like this online.

The Names At The Top

There are some different names at the top of the MVP conversation this year and plenty of familiar faces.

Let’s see how the following QBs have looked.

Patrick Mahomes

2022’s MVP looks to have slowed down. Meanwhile, the Chiefs are still 8-3. Mahomes’ numbers don’t stand out as much as they have in the past.

(2022, 17 games) 5,250 Passing Yards,  67.1CMP%, 41 TD, 12 INT – 358 Rush Yards, 4 TD
(2023, 11 games) 2,917 Passing Yards, 68.1CMP%, 21 TD, 9 INT – 305 Rush Yards, 0 TD

The Chiefs are still winning games. However the defense has looked to be the powerhouse of the team, allowing an average of 16.45 points against per game.

Currently 2nd in the AFC, the Chiefs are tied with the Jaguars and Dolphins. With the Steelers and Browns at 7-4, the AFC remains competitive with 7 Weeks left in the season. Can Mahomes find a way to finish the year strong and cement himself as a back-to-back MVP?

Or will the league have voter fatigue and look elsewhere? (Like the year Matthews won the Hart)


Lamar Jackson

In 2022, Lamar only played 12 games. At 9-3 (and on the Bye), the Ravens are at the top of the AFC and would have a first-round bye if the playoffs started today (they don’t).

(2022, 12 games) 2,242 Passing Yards, 62.3CMP%, 17 TD, 7 INT – 764 Rush Yards, 3 TD
(2023, 12 games) 2,618 Passing Yards, 68.3CMP%, 13 TD, 5 INT – 574 Rush Yards, 5 TD

Speaking of a defense that steals games. The Baltimore Ravens Defense averages 15.58 points against per game.

Finding ways to keep the Texans, Browns, Lions, and Seahawks from scoring less than 10 points is impressive. But being able to lose to the Colts, Steelers, and also Browns sparks some questions about this Ravens team.

But with rookie Keaton Mitchell finding 269 yards in the last 4 games. There’s plenty of success going on across every position of the Ravens. They’ll find themselves without Mark Andrews for the foreseeable future. But that hasn’t stopped Lamar from winning games before.


Dak Prescott

(Yes, the Cowboys won on Thursday Night Football. However, those numbers won’t be included)

At 8-3 prior to tonight’s game. The Cowboys sit at the 5th seed of the NFC. Unfortunately, that’s what being 2nd in the NFC East does to a team.
While the Cowboys have found ways to look like the Dolphins vs Broncos 70-20 Scorigami, they’ve struggled against winning teams like the Eagles, 49ers, and… Cardinals?

Here’s how Dak Prescott’s 2022 compares to his 2023.

(2022, 12 games) 2,860 Pass Yards, 66.2CMP%, 23 TD, 15 INT – 182 Rush Yards, 1 TD
(2022, 11 games) 2,935 Pass Yards, 70CMP%, 23 TD, 6 INT – 151 Rush Yards, 2 TD

The Cowboys have looked like their usual selves all season. If they’re able to close out December without the annually scheduled collapse. We could be looking to hand over the MVP award to Prescott.

Otherwise, it looks like another bloated season as the Cowboys managed to win 8 games against teams with a .307 Strength of Schedule.

With a difficult December against the Eagles, Bills, Dolphins, and Lions. The Cowboys have the opportunity to silence a lot of haters.


Tua Tagovailoa

If Josh Allen wasn’t penciled in as the 2023 off-season MVP, it was Tua playing a full 17 games.

(2022, 13 games) 3,548 Pass Yards, 64.8CMP%, 25 TD, 8 INT – 70 Rush Yards, 0 TD
(2023, 11 games) 3,177 Pass Yards, 69.8CMP%, 22 TD, 10 INT – 40 Rush Yards, 0 TD

The Dolphins don’t always look unstoppable. But boy, do they show flashes of it. You’d think at the current rate, Tyreek Hill might steal MVP votes if he manages to break the 2,000 receiving-yard plateau. He’s already hit 1,324 Yards with 10 TD. So, anything is possible.

With Buffalo falling to 6-6, the Dolphins will most likely win the AFC East. If/When they do. It will definitely increase the likelihood of Tua in the MVP conversation, as well as Comeback Player of the Year. (Until Rodgers swoops in)


C.J. Stroud

I’m not sure if anyone expected C.J. Stroud to be this good his rookie year. Especially after the disaster the Texans have been. But with a 6-5 start. Stroud has shown that the Texans made the right choice in the 2023 draft.

(2023, 11 games) 3,266 Pass Yards, 63.7%, 19 TD, 5 INT – 132 Rush Yards, 3 TD

It’s insanity that a rookie is able to put up these numbers. Suppose the Texans can find a way into the playoffs and a few more impressive offensive outings. Stroud might finish the season with more than Offensive Rookie of the Year in his trophy cabinet.


And Then There Was 1 – Jalen Hurts

Saving the Eagles Quarterback for last. (Also the current front runner for MVP) Jalen Hurts is the only QB with a 10 win team at this point in the season.

(2022, 15 games) 3,701 Pass Yards, 66.5CMP%, 22 TD, 6 INT – 760 Rush Yards, 13 TD
(2022, 11 games) 2,697 Pass Yards, 67.6CMP%, 18 TD, 10 INT – 410 Rush Yards, 11 TD

He’s had poor starts to games, and manages to finish off strong. Is it the rookie play-caller? Or the 2022 Eagles finally coming down to earth. Perhaps it’s the strength of schedule of .472%?

Teams find plenty of excuses to discredit the Eagles 10-1 start. But Jalen Hurts being able to overcome 2 straight 10 point halftime deficits against some of the top QBs in the league should be enough to turn some heads. There are still plenty of games to go in the season. But a strong and healthy finish can see the Eagles clinch an early playoff spot and, hopefully, a division title and first-round bye, depending on how they finish ‘the gauntlet’ they’ve managed to start 3-0 against.

Between these 6 candidates, how would you rank your MVP voting?

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