The Eagles and 49ers are about to face off in one of the most anticipated games of the year. The Birds have started off the gauntlet run 3-0, but they have yet to go out there and play their best ball for all four quarters. The 49ers are going to be much harder to beat than the Chiefs and Bills were, so the Eagles need to put together a full game.

Sure the Chiefs have Mahomes, and the Bills were coming in playing really well, but the 49ers are better than both of those teams. The Eagles are going to have to play better in the first half of this game than they did in the past two games. They can’t afford to fall behind by two scores to this team by halftime. They also can’t afford to put up only 7 points in the first half like they did the past two weeks. The game plan must be solid the whole way through. The Birds wont have the luxury of hoping their second half adjustments pay off.  They need to come out hot!!!!!

The 49ers have talked so much trash on the Birds since they embarrassed themselves in the NFC championship. They made excuse after excuse about why they lost. We get it, your QB got hurt. Maybe being prepared and being ready for that situation should be something that a professional sports team would think of, but we get it, they’re not that bright. The Eagles best believe that the 49ers are going to try to back up all that talk, and that they’re going to get the 49er’s best effort on Sunday. There is too much on the line for the 49ers to come in here and just lay an egg, and the Eagles know that.

Defensively we need to play disciplined football. offensively we need to come out much more aggressive and block better up front FOR THE WHOLE GAME, not just the second half. If the Eagles can come out 0f here with a win, their position will be hard to overcome for the other teams hunting for that 1 seed.

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