Last January, San Fransisco was Routed By the Eagles. The 49ers Haven’t Forgotten It.

Lincoln Financial Field is once again breaking the decibel-noise- continuum. Today isn’t just any day to make a lot of noise. Philadelphia is hosting the 2023 NFC Championship Game against the 49ers. Before the game, the Eagles and San Francisco decided to show their own kind of love. AJ Brown and 49ers Safety Jimmy Ward are locked in a Rocky and Apollo Creed-like 15-round boxing match.

When the game begins, the swirling January northeast US winds has taken only a backseat to the Eagles defense, who has been swirling to the quarterback. 

Swirling may in fact not be the correct adjective.

Photo Courtesy of Eagles Nation on X.

In the first quarter, a blistering hit by Haasan Reddick has sent rookie Brock Purdy to the medical tent. Then the Eagles slammed Josh Johnson into the turf and sent him into concussion protocol on rout to a 38–7 victory.

During the game, Fletcher Cox yells across the field to Trent Williams,

“You all got another quarterback? Trent! Trent! You all got another quarterback? Trent!”

Photo Courtesy of Philadelphia Sports Nation on X.

The 10–1 Eagles arrive to the matchup next week as the top team in the NFC who feel that they have not yet played their best offensive football. A nearly 60-yard field goal followed by a Jalen Hurts’ overtime run at the rain-soaked tundra of Lincoln Financial Field in drenched Kelly Green uniforms allowed the Eagles to outlast Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills.

Photo Courtesy of Eagles Nation on X.

“We always find a way to win. I have not executed to the level of my standard.”

Right on their tail are the 8–3 San Francisco 49ers, who have spent much of the 2023 season looking like an unstoppable team aside from a short stretch of three consecutive losses in a row. This has been the most anticipated game on their schedule.

The matchup, which will most likely determine the site of the NFC Championship, which would be the next time that the two teams will meet. An Eagles victory would all but secure Philadelphia as the #1 seed in the NFC Playoffs.

That would mean that the 49ers would have to return to Philadelphia for a potential NFC Championship Game for the second straight season.

Since last season ended, the Eagles have been focused on returning to the Super Bowl. The 49ers on the other hand, have seemed to only be focused on the Eagles who beat them in last year’s NFC Championship Game.

Through the weekend and up until the 4:25 P.M. kickoff on Sunday, the 49ers will probably keep talking as they have all week this week. 

The Eagles just don’t care.

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