The Battle of Pennsylvania has always been one of the greatest rivalries in NHL history. Two teams from the same state joining the league at the same time is always destined for greatness. Throughout 309 games played between the two the Flyers have 165 wins, 101 losses, 30 ties, and 13 overtimes losses. They have meet seven times in the playoffs where the Flyers have won 4 of the series. The first matchup between the two clubs happened to be the first home game for the Flyers at the Spectrum. Where the orange and black won 1-0.

Philadelphia had a strong advantage against Pittsburgh throughout the first twenty years. The Flyers were one of the best teams from the 1967 expansions class. This was capped off with back to back championships in 1974 and 75, the first none original six team to win a Stanley Cup. The Flyers dominance against the Penguins continued into the 1980s. Where Philadelphia beat Pittsburgh in 51 out of 72 games during that decade. The Penguins luck begin to change when they drafted Mario Lemieux first overall in 1984.

Before Lemieux came to Pittsburgh the Penguins were considering relocation due to the team struggling and dips in attendance. Super Mario turned the Pens around and won back to back cups in 91 and 92. Lemieux would then save the Penguins from relocation again as he bought ownership in the team during the 2000 season. In the playoffs that year the Flyers and Pens match up in the second round and game five would go down as one of the greatest games in NHL history. Going into the fifth overtime at the 92 minuet mark Keith Primeau won the games and later the series.

In recent years the Penguins have had the Flyers number. With superstars like Crosby, Letang, and Malkin Pittsburgh has won three more cups in the last fifteen years. The most notable matchups between the two teams in recent years included the 2012 playoffs and two Stadium Series games. The 2012 playoff matchup is memories by the Flyers playing a hardnosed and gritty style of play to upset the favored Penguins in the first round. While the two Stadium Series matchups are memorized for being played at each cities NFL stadium, where each team defended their home turf.

What does the future hold for these two rivals. It is well known that the Flyers are rebuilding while the Penguins are going for one last ride with their veterans. Since the Flyers are activly rebuilding and the Penguins are patching major holes on their team with duct tape, they will most likely enter a rebuild in the coming years. This should be when the Flyers are coming out of their rebuild to once again be contenders.

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