Ever since Claude Giroux was driven out of Philly by the ineptitude of Chuck Fletcher, the Flyers have not had a captain. A captain is looked at as both a leader on the team as well as the face of the franchise. A lot of times in hockey when a team is rebuilding they will not appoint a captain. This can be because they have sold of some of their star talent, like the Flyers have. Or they do not know what direct the team is heading towards, and will wait until the team has a identity. But who could be potential candidates to be the next captain of the Philadelphia Flyers.

Scott Laughton

As one of the longest tenure players on the team Laughton could potentially be the next captain. He has also been the only player during the Tortorella tenure to consistently wear a letter on his sweater. He has the trust of his coach to be the only skater out their with an A on his uniform.

Sean Couturier

As the longest tenure player on the Flyers Coots has the experience as he was an alternate captain at times during the Alain Vigneault coaching venture. After missing all of last season injured Couturier is playing like he has not skipped a beat this season.

Cam Atkinson

Another veteran player that has previously played for Tortorella in Columbus where he was an alternate captain. Unlike the others Atkinson has not spent his entire career in Philadelphia. But he has previously played for Tortorella. Where he is a resource for his teammates when it comes to Tort’s aggressive coaching style.

Other possibilities would be Travis Konecny and Joel Farabee. Two players who have matured to a veteran status on this young Flyers team. They may be long shots for the C but they could still be a possibility. For a team that is in a rebuild it is not a bad idea to role without an assigned captain. As pieces may continue to be moved around as the team finds a future identity.

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