After another opportunity came and went to clinch an early playoff position, the Eagles are off to face a Seattle Seahawks team on a losing streak of their own.


Seattle’s Mid-Season Struggle

Dropping 4 straight games wasn’t in the gameplan for the Seahawks. Who managed to start their season 6-3. Before dropping 4 straight games against the 49ers (twice), Cowboys and Rams.

Sure their season might not be going as planned. Losing Kenneth Walker to injury for  almost a full month isn’t a benefit. Neither was starting QB Drew Lock last week – but surprisingly, Lock managed to keep Seattle in the game until the very end. Ending the day with 269 passing yards, 22/31, 2 TDs and 2 INTs is impressive for the former Bronco who had only thrown 12 passes prior to his start against San Francisco.

With the 6th & 7th seed still in play for the Seahawks with 4 weeks left to go. They have plenty to fight for, and a home game after 2 road losses might be what they need to finish their season.


10-3, Still Fighting For 1st

The Eagles might’ve lost back to back games to the two conference opponents above them in the standings. But things aren’t as bad as they seem. After the loss to Dallas, the Eagles fell from the 1st seed, to the 5th. However, they’re still tied at a 10-3 record with the Cowboys and 49ers. While they might concede this tie to the 49ers from the head-to-head tiebreaker. The current Dallas tiebreaker is due to a scheduling technicality.

The Dallas Cowboys are 4-1 in games against NFC East opponents.
The Philadelphia Eagles are 3-1 in games against NFC East opponents.

Because the Eagles still have to play the New York Giants both times. The Cowboys are lucky the playoffs don’t start tomorrow (as much as they think they might.)


Remaining NFC East Schedules

Nearing the end of ‘the Gauntlet.’ The Eagles are 10-3, with a 3-2 record in what was deemed the most difficult stretch of the season.

As things come to a close, here is the remaining Eagles schedule

@ Seahawks – VS Giants – Vs Cardinals – @ Giants

And here is how the Dallas Cowboys will end their season

@ Bills – @ Dolphins – Vs Lions – @ Commanders


Tied for the division this late into the season. Any mistake could jeopardize what the standings might look like come Week 18. With a realistically ‘easier’ schedule approaching. The underperforming Eagles can still control their own destiny.

That’s where playing Seattle comes in.


Winless In Seattle

If this team has learned a thing (or two) from “getting punched in the mouth,” they should be more than ready when they take the field for Monday Night Football.

It’s been 15 years since the Eagles have beaten the Seattle Seahawks.

Seattle is 7-0 since 2008 against the Eagles.

Thankfully, Russell Wilson (6-0) is no longer the Seahawks Quarterback, but with a struggling Eagles team, there might be more woes than losing to the opposing NFC contenders. If the Eagles drop to 10-4 following Monday Night’s game, they’ll most likely be behind in the standings and could kiss the repeat NFC East champion title goodbye.

If the plan is to learn from the previous 2 weeks mistakes and show that they can still be considered a top team in the NFC, they’ll have to come out with a convincing win against Seattle before they move on to a Giants team coming off 3 straight wins.



I’ll be in attendance for Monday’s game against Seattle. Where will you be as the Birds look to go 11-3?


Go Birds!


Photo Credit: Hunter Martin / Philadelphia Eagles



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