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The last two weeks have been really tough to be an Eagles fan. Try living through 1968. Aside from the World Championship for one season, very little was good for the Philadelphia Eagles in the 1960s.

By the time that the season was in its waning weeks, the Eagles had started 0–11 and the fan base set their sights on getting that #1 pick and selecting OJ Simpson in the NFL Draft. Then the team won two games and that goal was no longer attainable. Fans were buttons to the games and had a plane fly over Franklin Field that read, “Joe Must Go.”

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By the time that December 15, 1968 arrived, the 2–11 Eagles’ season was mercifully coming to an end. On this day, Philadelphia woke up to a foot of snow covering Franklin Field with the Minnesota Vikings in town.

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The first sign of problems that day was when the man who was supposed to show up dressed as Santa that day decided that the weather was an acceptable excuse to not brave the elements for the 2–11 Eagles.

Plucked from the snow covered stands was 20-year old Frank Olivo, who was also dressed as Santa. As directed, Olivo walked in the halftime Christmas Pageant and waived to fans. As he waved to the crowd, a hail of boos reigned down from the Franklin Field bleachers. If you thought that the Eagles fans would only show their disapproval verbally, you were wrong.

Spectators in the stands began pelting the field with snowballs and Olivo, who walked towards the bleachers where an Eagles fan was making a snowball and said,

“your not getting anything for Christmas this year.”

The Eagles lost the game to Bud Grant’s Vikings 24–17.

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